Thursday, June 28, 2012

25th Anniversary

The Cake. Eva Tarida Pict

June 19th, 1987. It was not just a date. That was the date when my Dad and Mom vouch a vow in a wedding ceremony. A year later, the premature me was born. Then, two years later, my sister was born. Not just the two of us lasted then, because three years later, my youngest sister was born. So, the three of us then :) My Dad was automatically entitled as the most handsome guy in our little warm family. :D

And just last week, we were celebrating our Daddy and Mom 25th anniversary :) A week before June 19th, 2012, me and my sisters already planned for a fancy dinner. But somehow we realized that the remaining money in our pockets were not much enough :p. So, we planned for a cake. Special cake. A cake with printed photo in white chocolate on top of it :). Not that easy to found bakery or cake shop whose able to done that. But God made a way. One of my sister's friend, opened a cake shop, and so he was able to do what we wanted :) Ah, plus, with special price :):):))).

And on June 18th, 2012, my sister took the cake, then hid it in the refrigerator. Not really hidden actually, since my refrigerator wasn't that big. So, when my parents asked what was that, we just said "Our friend's" That's it :p.

JUNE 19TH, 2012.
Early morning we woke up. Because my dad always got prepared on 4AM, and drove along to work on 5AM. So, that meant we gotta woke very early. We slowly took the cake from fridge to our room, and got prepared too.
After my dad finished the shower and get dressed, the three of us went out of our room and surprised them! ;) My Mom and Dad were very surprised. My mom even felt so touched till the tears burst in to her eyes. After hugging my mom and dad, my dad hugged my mom.. :)
Then, before my dad went to work, we took pictures. :)

Daddy and Mommy on Their 25th Anniversary. Eva Tarida Pict


I Love you both! The best parents! You two, never give up on us, never give up on bad and worse and even worst situation and condition in out lifetime!
God bless you both always!!!

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