Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Sneak Peak of My Team :)

I told you, that my team are awesome!
yes they are!
they really do.

So, I want you guys to meet them :)

There they are:

Herry Agustian - ME - Edvina Deviani - Devi Wibiksana - Nando Kusmanto - Mario Abdisa
Above is the team where I first joined :) Minus Hiandy whose in charge for Bandung Area.

See here the latest formation below :):)
Tito Tegar-Nando Kusmanto-Devi Wibiksana-ME-Mario Abdisa-Gadisranti-Anin (ULIP)-Hiandy-Herry-Astri R

Above is the latest formation with Gadis as our additional secretary while mba Astri is on her maternity leave :) and Anin, an internship student. Above minus Edvina whose in charge for North Sumatra area. :)

Above is the complete KAM Convenience 1 Team. The KAM and DAM and AAM.. And me, the trainee :) 

Well.. This great team means A LOT for me :) and since Mr. MA moved to another function, Nando had exsposure in singapore, Gadis and Anin finished their contract, then, we'll move on with our new boss, mrs. Sisca!!

Well done!!

PS: pray for my final presentation to be AWESOME!!! :)

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