Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our Old Man

 I just browse through 9gag, like I always do daily. And I read a post. About a grown-up boy just started college outtown. He only spent weekend at his house. A short story about he and his dad.
Please read:

It hits me, when I remembered H-1 before my flight back to Jkt, dad suddenly said with a very small and calm tone "well.. Eva is back to jkt again tomorrow" and I just let out a little laugh and we talked about anything else.

 Then, the next day, he took a half day off of his work just to got in the car and together with my mom and sister drove me to the airport. 

Many beautiful poems and songs about Mom. As long as I can remember, not that much about Dad.

And dad, as strong as he is, he would always love to hug us dearly on his arms. He might never said it out and expressed it out like mom does, but all those things we never realized were there at the time wee need, because he provideds it to us.

You're getting old and older, but your love to us remains the same. 

Daddy, the daughter's first love. ❤️ 

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