Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Selamat Hari Kartini

 Selamat Hari Kartini. 

Selamat merayakan peran sebagai wanita. 

Apapun pilihannya, bagaimanapun bentuknya. 

Selamat meraih mimpi. 

Selamat menjalani hari. 

Semua ada waktunya. 

Semua ada tanggungjawabnya. 

Semua ada konsekuensinya. 

Semua ada tantangannya. 

Semua ada naik-turunnya. 

Nikmati prosesnya, perjuangkan inginnya, tanpa menginjak yang lain. 

Karena hidup masing-masing sudah penuh perjuangan. 

Tanpa kita harus menambahkan beban bagi orang lain. 

- @evatarida. 21.04.2021

Dibuat setelah menjemur tanaman :)

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

An Introvert

 “How Come You are an Introvert?”


This question thrown to me more than I thought I’d hear. 

“As an extrovert like you, this must be awful.” Another statement given to me. 

“There’s no way you’re an introvert. No introvert will do it that way.”

After 2 Years Hiatus

 I just realised that I've been on  2 years hiatus on this blog. So, apparently, I'd give this another go. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Done Giving A

Disclaimer: this is a softy notty ooey gooey post. So if you don’t feel like you wanna have that kinda reading, just ignore and move to the next post. 

Only so much that someone can take a “no”. I realize I’m not good with separation/break ups/goodbyes.  I’m suck at those fields. And thus making me hanging on longer than I should on certain things. 
And as my previous previous post already stated, the naiive feelings or thinking about how this will all turned out well, kind of also becomes a toxic. 
The things that hold me back. To just close the chapter and move on. 
There is this feeling of afraid of losing. Losing everything that’s been invested, losing every moment that’s been shared. 
But again. 
There’s only so mich one’s can take “No” for an answer. That finally forces me to just end things. 

Wrap nicely my feelings up. Stored safely my hopes and wishes. And come to senses. That I’ve got a “no” for several times already. 
Just stop having that hopes and daydreams. 
And to cope with that, to ensure my own healthy feelings, I re read all those “no” everynight. Before I go to sleep. To remind me, that this is not gonna happen. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

He's Just Not That Into You

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Many of us are contaminated by the word "friendzone" Like we are now served with a phase of our life - well love life- that we can get away with by throwing the friendzone word.
But is it really true?
Or is it really works as it sounds?

For me, it should be easily translated into "he/she is just not that into you".

How come?

So, many of us might have been caught up in a heated and intense conversation with someone. for weeks, or even months. So much that we, like it or not, realize it or not, get attached by the routine. 
By the time being on texting basis, it seems all the feelings were reciprocated. Easy, because when you text, you have all the time in the texting standard time to arrange a proper answer/respond. It'll be so much different when the conversations or the on going relationship is done by doing face to face meet up, direct contact, or so.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Another Tick on My Bucketlist: Eurotrip (Part 1)

Another tick on my bucket list!

For every darkness, God has set the light to shine afterwards.
A phrase that I can now give an ‘Amen’ to. And silver lining on its way also.
This November 2016, I was blessed with so many thing that I can put another tick on my bucket list.

Yes, baby! I finally stepped my foot on this continent! AAAAAAKKKKK! So happy! :D Beyond happy! When the things you’ve been dreamed on for times finally come true! – Man! And while writing this, Diane Schuur’s Try A Little Tenderness is playing! Haha how lovely. –
So, since I’m an employee, I can’t just burst away for weeks to have a little heavenly trip for myself. Yeah, I have to input a leave permission. That’s the first thing. So, 14 days. That’s how many days I got to make sure I got to feel the winter cold weather and snowy nose! :p

I was there with two of my friends. There were just three of us, and no, we did not use any tour agent. We did it backpacker style! Yeah! Well, we brought suitcases of course, big ones too, since it was winter there and we need coats and warm clothes, and literally impossible for just carrying backpack there. But, hell, we did it ourselves! Yeah!  I put to many exclamation mark. I know, sorry. Nope, not sorry. I was super excited! Still am! Hahaha... So bear with me with the abuse of exclamation mark’s usage in this one posting.

Friday, September 30, 2016

(Not) Getting Married (Yet)

Diamond Ring on My Hand :) - Evatarida - @evatarida - evataridablog - evataridasitompul

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty two! [Taylor Swift]" no, I'm not 22, I'm in fact 28. I already on my late 20s, and closer to 30 haha. Problem? No, not at all. For me. But it seems like it becomes problem for those around me.  Why? 

I'm still single.