Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year, New Place, New Challenge, New Journey, New FUN!!!

It's new year already!! 2013 is underway now...
I've been a bit busy so that I forgot to even post something here.

For short, according to the title of this post, I am going to a new place, new level of my life!
I've accepted to PT. Unilever Indonesia, Tbk., one of my dream company to be involved in as its employee!!! And since they opened a new factory in Rungkut Industry, Surabaya mills area, which is the route I always went through everytime I went to PT. Delphia Prima Jaya, that wish just growing bigger...

As I could recall, on August or July, I cannot really remembered, I got a forwarded email about a new recruitment in Unilever Indonesia as an Asst Area Sales Manager. I was excited, but also hesitated for a while since I never really jumped into field-sales things. But my BF once again always successfully able to ensure me to at least submitted the application. And so I did.
For weeke and months, I got no feedback at all. And of course I became pesimistic. Very pesimistic! This is Unilever for Santa's sake!

Just when I already gave in on that application, on the end of October, an email arrived which stated that I passed the screening test! And I've been called up for the recruitment interview!! AAWWW!! What an email!!!

shortly, I went through all the recruitment process from the beginning interview, the psikotest, the presentation (we've given a task to compare 2 traditional outlets nearby and brief analyze why the other is better than the other), and then the final interview with the users. We need to wait for more than a week to know whether we passed the final interview or not. And it wasone of the great day of my life when I got a phone call that I passed!! Praise Lord! Then I need to do the medical check up. 

They said that I need 1 week only to know the result, but in real I waited almost 2 weeks for the result. There where I got a bit nerve. I was in the middle of submitted my resignation letter, or waited till the final result of the medical check up had done. So I decided to wait.
On December 5th 2012, all was confirmed. I got accepted! And right oh I told my boss about my resignation...

Was all the story wrapped already? Nope! 

After about a week induction in Jakarta, I was sent to Lampung for 3 months GT training.

So, wish me great blessing and luck here!!!!