Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life Learned

Some people are blessed with easy path in their life. Might be in almost every aspect of his life. In love, career, friendship, or else. On the other hand, some people are blessed with mazed path in their life. And the maze might also occur in almost every aspect of their life. Complicated love story, complocated friendship moments, and et cetera.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Sneak Peak of My Team :)

I told you, that my team are awesome!
yes they are!
they really do.

So, I want you guys to meet them :)

There they are:

Herry Agustian - ME - Edvina Deviani - Devi Wibiksana - Nando Kusmanto - Mario Abdisa
Above is the team where I first joined :) Minus Hiandy whose in charge for Bandung Area.

See here the latest formation below :):)
Tito Tegar-Nando Kusmanto-Devi Wibiksana-ME-Mario Abdisa-Gadisranti-Anin (ULIP)-Hiandy-Herry-Astri R

Above is the latest formation with Gadis as our additional secretary while mba Astri is on her maternity leave :) and Anin, an internship student. Above minus Edvina whose in charge for North Sumatra area. :)

Above is the complete KAM Convenience 1 Team. The KAM and DAM and AAM.. And me, the trainee :) 

Well.. This great team means A LOT for me :) and since Mr. MA moved to another function, Nando had exsposure in singapore, Gadis and Anin finished their contract, then, we'll move on with our new boss, mrs. Sisca!!

Well done!!

PS: pray for my final presentation to be AWESOME!!! :)

Training Phase 3

I forgot to told you guys that I already passed my 2nd phase training! YEEAAAYYYYY!!!!

the 2nd phase training should've been scheduled for 3 months only. But, due to the festive moments, lots of visit from our colleague from overseas, thus, I done my 2nd phase in 5 months. Woohoo...
So, let's make a simple calculation.

the training period is 11 months.
1st phase: early Jan to mid April (almost 4 months)
2nd phase: mid april to mid September (5 months)
there.. I've done 9 months for sure. And for my 3rd phase, I only have 2 months left!! Dear Lord. Where it supposed to be 6 months long for this 3rd phase. x_X gee...

So, it only means one thing: Super Speed!!

I have to have faster speed to chase all I need to know and understand in only 2.5 months!

thank God that my colleagues are the best :)

Anw, my boss, Mr. MA was moved into another function. So, only 0.5 month with him in this 3rd phase, and I moved on with Mrs. Sisca as my new boss :)

Mr. mario is awesome and rock as heaven and hell! I really grateful to have had a boss like him.

a bit in my concern when i heard he'll be replaced.. But.. just like the old saying says, get to Know me, then you'll Love Me. and it applied in mrs. Sisca :) She's awesome toom you know! Very smart and cool. :)

So.. I thank God again for replacing my awesome boss with another awesome boss :) :) :)

i do hope I can pass this 3rd phase excellently!! :D

God Bless me!!