Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life Learned

Some people are blessed with easy path in their life. Might be in almost every aspect of his life. In love, career, friendship, or else. On the other hand, some people are blessed with mazed path in their life. And the maze might also occur in almost every aspect of their life. Complicated love story, complocated friendship moments, and et cetera.
As we go further, some people are blessed with struggling life. They need to be super strong and persistence in order to meet the finish line, or the full stop, or perhaps just to met some check point area.
But.. On top of all, oir life is a rainbow. Some days we might meet the bright colors of our life. And tomorrow could be dark. Even in one day we could have a minute of red, and well, perhaps twenty minutes of gray.
Is it wrong? Nope. In my opinion, nope.

As I going through further in my life, I could simplify my life, by simply doing few things.
1. Enjoy it. No matter what, enjoy it. You know, when you fell stressed out, enjoy it by giving yourself a break ;)
2. Know your pairing level. It's not that I try to be arrogant or else. But, it's better to keep our manner, so we don't have to waste our time by doing some argument or debate with err.. Well anyone that is not in our "pairing level" as simple as this saying: Never argue with an idiot, instead of makin you better, they will only drag you down to their level.
3. Things changes, people changes. Second chance do exist.
4. Input and lesson could come from anywhere, anyone. Even from someone that you least expect it. When you know someone that really bad, they also give you a lesson... A lesson on how to not to be a bad guy. See.. ;)
5. Give thanks. Anything is a blessing. try to always give thanks. when we give thanks, thenleast we'll suffer. If we can not give thanks of what we've already received, then try to give thanks of what we've not suffered at.
6. Stay positive. Believe that miracle happens everytime, everywhere.

At the end.. Everyhting happens for reason.. Either it is a blessing, or it is a lesson 😎
Shit happens everytime! Don't worry about a thing, every little thing gonna be alright!

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