Sunday, July 27, 2008

the 3F factor

well then...
I attend a devotion last Sunday afternoon.. And what do I got? Another simple touching one..
Seems like I've been blessed by my dear God..

It was speaking bout WORRY..
There are 3 factors why do we don't have to be worry...

worry's appear because we wanna do all things by our own thought, our own mind, our own knowledge, and our own capability

the 1st factor is..
* the FATHER factor

father... the worshiped God Himself, asked us to call Him..FATHER..
you see.. we've got the right to call Him as our Father...
we don't have to worry, because our Father already know what do we need.. even at the time we are not thinking about it yet..

In this world, we know the concept about wheel...
That wheel is turning..  Sometimes we're on top, sometimes we're on bottom of it..

But that's worlds'..
We, Our concept is we're head, not tail!

So, We always on top. Never on the bottom..
It's not that so we never face tests, temptation and others, but they're exist to be a chance for us to be better and better each loving day..

Remember about the Colonel Sanders. The founder of KFC.

Before he gained his success, he was bankrupted and all he got was sold. but 1 car, 1 pan, and 30 sacks of flour. He came one to another store and cafe to offered his recipe of chicken.
Every single chicken he made for the store or cafe, he got 4 cent only.
Well.. count from there on, 8 years later, he got his own about 680 KFC franchises!
and he sell every franchises of his KFC for $2 million..

em.. i guess that's not a little amount of money..

John Weasley also said "make as much money as you can, save as much money as you can, and give as much money as you can"

so that, nothing to worry, because Our Father bless us always!

the second is..
*the FAITH factor

is about how do we believe in everything!
when we are start to worry, actually we're start to think that God cannot make what HE has promised!
well then, that thought is a sin itself!

our God is ON TIME! Punctual!
HE never late, but yet also never to early..
that's become a problem for human being. for human being wants everything fast, and soon happening!
everything's happen for God! because of God. we don't have to regret anything happen in our life. because it's all has been planned by HIM!

a simple example about faith, is when we check up in a doctor,, we don't actually know who this doctor is, is he really a good one?
than he give us a medical receipt, we took it and we give it to the pharmacist.
we're not seeing the pharmacist made the medicine, we also not exactly know what the doctor actually write down in the receipt.
but we go home with that medicine and consume it just as the order said.

it's faith!
we believe that we can be okay with the doctor, the pharmacist, and the medicine,, even tough we don't really know, or else we actually don't know at all about them.

3 batteries for Faith are LOVE - as an ability to accept the faith, GOD'S SAYING ON THE BIBLE - His promises as the faith's charger, and JOY - to make the Faith durable!

well, JOY is not the same with Happiness! because happiness comes from happenings, but Joy's not! joy is when u are believe even tough the miracle haven't come yet!

and the last is
*the FOCUS factor

without HIM we cannot do any single thing!
with HIM, we can do anything!
the longer we depend on HIM, the worry will not necessary!
Eben Haezer always in our life!
He has NO reason to NOT help us!

nb : make an intern, very close, and intimate relation with our dear GOD..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

kiddy things

Me and Papa.   Eva Tarida Blog
kemarin, 23 Juli 2008..

hari anak nasional.. versi Indonesia..
ga tw kalo di luar negri gmana..

anyway.. hari itu bertepatan dengan pilkada Jawa Timur..
so, it means...a holiday!!

rasa2nya pass bgt yah..
hari anak + libur...


aq n kluargaQ pergi jalan2 ke malang..

maunya sih ke Jatim Park... tapi mendadak malas,, akhirnya banting stir ke sengkaling..

aq ingat banget tempat ini..'

waktu kecil aq seriing bangeett ke sini..

buanyakkk bgt mainan anak2 di sini.

anyway.. ini emang dunia anak2..


waktu jalan2.. yah walau banyak banget wahana n pemandangan indah, tapi buat anak seumur aq selain udah ga tertarik lagi buat maen wahana2 kiddy gto,juga udah DILARANG bookkkk..

rata2 tulisannya untuk anak DIBAWAH 10 TAHUN

yHHHHH.. gimana bisa maen juga..

1 hal yang aq ambil selama aq di sana..
kalo mainana anak2 jaman sekarang (Ps, dll) udah lumayan menggeser eksistensi wahana2 kiddy macem gini...

contoh jelas yang aq lihat dari kondisi mini train yang ada di sengkaling dengan kondisi kosong..........


ada beberapa anak yang mau main, tp berhubung kapasitas dan jumlah penumpang yang tertarik sangat kontras, jadi kiddy train itu ga di jalanin dulu...

kacian juga yha,,,

tapi, senangnya juga, ternyata masih banyak n=banget anak2 kecil yang rata2 usianya masih balita maen2 di sengkaling.. yah, aq ga tau sih gimana kalo mereka udah mulai umur 6-8 thn gt..
apa mereka masih mau ke wahana beginian ? atau malah ndekem di rumah ajah sambil maen PS, dan sejenisnya...

yah.. moga2 ajah.....
tempat2 kaya gini bakal terruuusss bertahan and makin banyak anak2 yang doyan maen ke tempat kaya gini....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ma Theater

it's now my second year on becoming one of Theater activity committee...

and that means that this time is my 2nd time running the open house..
which well..
i also become one of this open house committee..


i was sooo ehm.. what should say...
tired.. fed up with another students activities doin!
they keep asking asking asking asking..

yelling protest and protest and protest..

well, we got problem back there, a few miss are happened..
but, where the other can stay cool with that, there is one that make me sick of them!

where it's actually not my full responsibility, but yeah.. like usual i always become the one that given those responsibility,,,


but thanks to my chief of committee,, and my team for helping me facing the protest one!!



but, well.. those all just suddenly disappear when i come into my own spot, on THEATER ACTIVITY..


i just suddenly remember our last year..
preparing this open house till midnight..

we are having fun there and a lot of expressions are appear.
well.. i'm just feeling so lucky to have these guys..

and am hoping that they won't be like the former ones..


pray for the best for the coming open house..

hope we can do the best, feel the best, gain the best..

thx Lord..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

colors of the wind..

after spending a full midnight surfing and reading my friends' blogs..

i found one topic that actually i love to sing in but am to lazy to talk about it..

it's about the earth..

the really sound of this earth..
the color of this world really is..

this song actually told us about what our earth really contains is..

how the forest, how the rocks, the trees, the fruits it produces..
this old song, a soundtrack of Pocahontas...

it also told us to love our nature..
man an old song but suite with today's earth condition..

we'll never know how tall a sycamore (kind of tree) will be, because we always cut it down..

we never heard a wolf cry to the blue corn moon,, coz we're already burn its echo..

if we really maintain and love and take a very good care of this earth, the song said that we'll able to paint with the color of the wind..

imagine how fresh it will be??
don't we missing a fresh air we used to breathe every dawn before morning coming?
i do...i do miss it...


You think I'm just an ignorant savage
And you've been so many places; I guess it must be so
But still I cannot see, if the savage one is me
How can there be so much that you don't know?
You don't know...

You think you own whatever land you land on
The earth is just a dead thing you can claim
But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

You think the only people who are people
Are the people who look and think like you
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You'll learn things you never knew you never knew

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest
Come taste the sun-sweet berries of the earth
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once never wonder what they're worth

The rainstorm and the river are my brothers
The heron and the otter are my friends
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle in a loop that never ends

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
Or let the eagle tell you were he’s been
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

How high does a sycamore grow?
If you cut it down then you'll never know
And you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
For whether we are white or copper skinned
We need to sing with all the voices of the mountain
We need to paint with all the colors of the wind

You can own the earth and still
All you'll own is earth until
You can paint with all the colors of the wind

Saturday, July 19, 2008


that's one little word that describe how do i feel after i watch the batman premiere last night..



it's totally true that hollywood has lost it best actor..
Heath Ledger..


overall, the story of this movie isn't so...uhm..
what is to say in word..
not so...fabulous.

but.. the contain of the movie!
the messages it brings..
the effects it use..
the technology..
the gadgets...
the character of each player
they are sooooooooooo great!
those things i mentioned are completing this movie..

the message about what human really is was brought when the Shio's scene..
it's when 2 ships which contain different kinda people, one is all prisoners, and the other is just ordinary citizens..
they had a detonator each, and told, that before midnight, the joker will protect the one that push the detonator..which means, blow away the other ship..
joker believes that inside, everyone is evil..

but, well..
the ship that contains prisoner chose first their step..
by one big prisoner, he throw the detonator away in to the sea..
i was amazed with that act..

and the other ship, even a citizen take the detonator and want to push it, but, then he put the detonator again..

and so... there was no firework like the joker has planned...

none of the ship has blown.. because they are want to live together and still have a humanity,,,
they do believe that the other ship won't blow them away...


well.. this movie is a little too hard than another super heroes movie..
but, the violence scene also so felt in here..

but,,,the batman kills no one in this movie, but the 2 faces.. but that only in case he wants to save the gordon's son life..

fyi..the batman appearances always surprising..
whoooo... He always come appears and gone in great ways..

the Joker itself..

i mean it when i say I love Heath's acting..
i do really like him acting since the 10 things I hate about U..
and then come the brokeback mountain, and ned kelly..
he got all casts.. all character..

but, yeah, we''ll never see him again in real world and in a new movie..

beside those violences and cruelness.. the batman movie also give us enough time to laugh with the joker appearance..
with his silly does when he is blowing a hospital.. it's become so funny, because his tool was a little bit stuck..

so, when he came out with the background an on progress of blown away hospital, suddenly the progress stops because the tools is stuck!!

u should watch how was the joker's face..


i can say anything else but..
watch the movie..
pay attention..
u gain a lot..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Devotion

come twice to a same church..
heard 2 different devotions..
both are correct..

minggu lalu, aq ke gereja n aq dengerin lagi 1 kotbah yang dibawakan dengan sedikit -maaf- membosankan...tapi.. meaningful..

bukannya itu yang harusnya di dapat??

perumpamaan tentang ladang gandum yang ditaburi ilalang oleh pesaingnya..
ilalang ini adalah ilalang yang dapat merusak gandum!
bahkan, kalau sampai dikonsumsi manusia...efek terburuknya adalah..tinggal nama..

kemudian, para pekerja dengan inisiatif baiknya meminta ijin kepada tuannya untuk mencabuti ilalang tersebut..
as a normal worker, that's what u should do, right?
tapi.. jawab tuannya adalah ...

tuannya mengatakan agar jangan dicabut dulu..karena..
rupanya oh rupanya ilalang dan gandum itu sodara sepupu..sehingga kalau masih muda begini, bentuknya hampir 100% sama..

jadi.. sang tuan ga mau ambil resiko salah-salah gandumnya yang tercabut..

lanjut, tuan itu berkata supaya biar nanti pada masa tuaian, bisa dilihat yang mana yang benar-enar gandum yang kuat bertahan dan bermutu bagus untuk disimpan dalam lumbung padi, dan yang mana yang ilalang dan gandum yang tidak kuat dan bermutu buruk sehingga sudah terkena efek ilalang tersebut untuk dicabut dan dibakar!


klihatannya sangat klise dan umum banget,,
kotbah hari itu langsung bikin aq diam n doa...
minta ampun sama Tuhan karena aq udah segitu seringnya jadi hakim buat sesama..
bukan bermaksud sok rohani..
tapi emang bener..
ga ada yang tahu hati manusia...

sapa yang tahu orang yang begitu menjengkelkan justru yang nantinya malah membantu kita mati-matian?

dan,,malah orang yang terlihat begitu baik justru menikam kita dari belakang -yang mana sudah kualami!-

so, intinya yang aq tangkap adalah... biar nanti semuanya itu dinilai di hari terakhir..
dan nanti ada penilainya sendiri..
kita ga perlu ikut2 menilai..
selama ini kita jalani aja hidup kita sebaik-baiknya dan tumbuh jadi gandum yang kuat dan bermutu bagus..
jangan sampe jadi gandum lemah dengan mutu buruk, atau malah jadi ilalang!!

no.. NO...

Quote for today..
-not the one you see, but the one in heart-


ada 10 kesalahpahaman tentang SUKSES...

1. beberapa orang tidak bisa sukses karena latar belakang, pendidikan, dll.

*** padahal, setiap orang dapat meraih keberhasilan. ini hanya persoalan bagaimana mereka menginginkannya, kemudian melakukan sesuatu untuk mencapainya. niat n usaha euy!

2. orang2 yang sukses tidak melakukan kesalahan.

*** padahal, orang2 sukses itu justru melakukan kesalahan sebagaimana yang kita lakukan. namun, mereka tidak jatuh di lobang yang sama! masa kalah ma keledai?!!!

3. agar sukses, kita harus bkerja lebih dari 60 jam (70, 80, 90, ...) seminggu.

*** padahal, persoalannya bukan terletak pada lamanya Anda bekerja, tetapi bagaimana Anda dapat melakukan sesuatu yang benar... mau matiapa kerja terus2an???

4. Anda hanya bisa sukses bila bermain sesuai aturan

setiap situasi membutuhkan cara yang berbeda. kadang kita emang perlu ikut aturan, tapi di saat lain, kitalah yang membuat aturan itu!!

well,,, ada kalanya aturan yang menghalangi sesuatu yang seharusnya terjadi, dapat dilanggar!!!! I LOVE THIS STATEMENT!
5. jika Anda selalu minta bantuan, Anda tidak sukses.

*** padahal, sukses jarang sekali terjadi di saat2 vakum. justru, dengan mengakui dan menghargai bantuan orang lain dapat membantu keberhasilan Anda. dan, sebenarnya, ada bnyk orang semacamitu.

see, even Bill Gates needs a help!

6. diperlukan banyak keberuntungan untuk sukses.

*** padahal, hanya dibutuhan sedikit keberuntungan,namun diperlukan banyak kerja keras, kecerdasan, pengetahuan, dan pengharapan!

kalo keberuntungan doang...ntu namanya UNTUNG....bukan SUKSES!!hahahaha.... so, buat orang2 yang ga mw repot, justru kalian harus berlelah dulu! jgn mau gampangnya ajah!

7. sukses adalah bila Anda mendapatkan banyak uang.

*** padahal, uang hanya 1 ajah dari banyak keuntungan yang diberikan oleh kesuksesan.uang pun bukan jaminan kesuksesan Anda!

8. sukses adalah bila semua orangmengakuinya.

*** padahal, Anda mungkin dapat meraih lebih banyak orang dan pengakuan dari orang lain atas apa yang telah Anda lakukan. tetapi, walaupun hanya Anda sendiri yang mengetahuinya, Anda tetaplah sukses! siapa yang tahu, balon udara bisa terbang?????? cuma 2 orang ntu ajah kan.....????

9. sukses adalah tujuan.

*** Padahal, sukses lebih dari sekedar Anda bisa meraih tujuan dan goal Anda. katakan, Anda menginginkan keberhasilan, maka ajukan pertanyaan "atas hal apa?"

10. saya sukses bila kesulitan saya berakhir.

*** padahal, Anda mungkin sukses, tapi Anda bukan TUHAN! Anda harus tetap melalui jalan yang naik turun, sebagaimana Anda alami di masa-masa lalu. NIkmati saja apa yang telah Anda raih dan hidup setiap hari sebagaimana adanya....!

--- diadaptasi dari The Top 10 Misconception About Success", Jim M. Allen [ www. ]

hem... hope that this reading can bring a new window of our life....



satu kata yang emang sangat dalem artinya..
buat siapa pun juga!
kecuali mereka2 yang pada bebal, kepala batu, ga punya hati, ga punya otak, ga punya perasaan!

beberapa hari yang lalu, aq sperti kehempas lagi ke kejadian beberapa bulan belakangan....

saat aku dikira berbuat salah.. padahal TIDAK SAMA SEKALI...hanya sikon aja yang emang mendukung untuk mengarahkan tuduhan kaya gt!
saat aku dapet brondongan petuah, saat aq dinasehati dari A to Z sampai saliva split smua!
and sekarang.... aq compare dengan kenyataan yang sekarang....
justru dia yang dulu dgn gamblang (SOK) menasehati, (SOK) mencelikkan mata, (SOK) menyadarkan, dll ---walau aq udah sadar c --- malah... membuat hal yang lebih anchurrr lagi dari yang dia nasehatkan, tegur, dll ke aq...


bisa kan ini masuk kategori munafik????

man,,,, istilah DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER emang suatu quote yang luar biasa maknanya..
ga hanya bwt hal positip tp jg negatiippp tipp tippppp...

jangan salah, makna quote barusan ga cm nggambarin kalo those who look awful may have grateful heart... BUT also...... those who look sooo nice and gorgeous are evil inside!
kadang orang dengan bungkus super rohani ternyata dalamnya SAMPAH!!!
gitu mau bicara mengenai garam dan terang dunia!
kaya gt mau bicara tentang bagaimana integritas!!


harap NGACA sebelum bicara! apalagi dah berani negur orang....

anyway, ga cm orang itu ajah...
banyak bgt kasus yang bikin ENEG!

seperti salah satu organisasi super rohaniah di kampusQ tercinta..
yang ternyata para individunya bullshit smua...

guys,,, don't act too right when you can't do anything right!
bayangkan, negur orang karena gandengan tangan di jalan, tapi dia sendiri buat hal yang lebih MEMALUKAN!! bahkan di MARKAS SUCInya sendiri..
ow ow ow....
kalo udah ada kejadian begituh,,,sapa yang tahu kalo itu bukan pertama kalinya???

mau tahu aq tahu drmana???
aq pergoki sendiri!! lebih tepatnya,,,, suatu kebetulan yang indah!

negur orang karena gandengan, tp dia sendiri kalo pacaran -sebagai sesama pelaku dari organisasi tsb- malah rangkul2an dgn tangan melingkar di pinggang..
aih2...awas... turun dikit dah lampu merah ntuh!!!

banyak bgt hal2 yang menjijikkan yang terjadi dan dilakukan oleh para orang2 yang merasa diri paling benar!!

dia (obyek pertama yg aq omongkan) yang berani ngomong kalo action worth better that talk! lihat sekarang.. dia melanggar smua yang dia ucapkan..
hem, lbh tepatnya dia buat hal yang lebih memalukan dari apa yang dia ltegurkan!

man,,,,,, sadar bung...sadar...orang masih punya mata n telinga!!!

yha.. tapi bnr jg apa yg dia blg ttg action td...
emang dia ga banyak bicara c.. langsung TANCEEEPPPP...

emang bener, ente ga akan pernah tahu gimana boroknya seseorang sampe ente kenal ntuh orang lbh dekat, lebih sering ketemu dengannya dalam kehidupan sehari-hari (bukan kegiatan lho yha), kalo ente udah seatap/tinggal deket dgn dia, n faktor-faktor macam gt, lah.....


udah, lah..
kalo tulisan ini aq terusin bisa-bisa aq malah bongkar sapa sebenarnya dia dia dan dia2 yang ada dlm tulisan ini..

moga-moga bwt ente-ente yg baca n ngerasa...

mana aq peduli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well.. quote for today...
----- shut your mouth before your speech would hurt and really unsuit you!---------

Come When You Are NOT Waiting

i don't knoe exactly how to describe the situation i'm having right now..
at the moment i had wished for anything,, i didn't get it..

but at the time when i'm enjoying my life with any of it like now.. everything just come in!
i mean it!
they're come in into my life..

they just come at the time i stop to keep daydreaming of them..

just like God have HIS own time for me..
it just maybe.. i haven't ready yet with all the stuffs i asked.
but now, maybe i am settle enough to have all or few of them..

lovely,,, sometimes just enjoy your simply simple life and you'll get surprises!!
i mean it. coz i get them..

ust be relax n don't too ambitious..
coz too much ambition would kill u..

well, even tough troubles come and troubles me, but they are still under control..
i love things under control..

well, quote for today..
relax, go on, and enjoy!!!

This Time Choosing..!

ini emang adalah saat2 yang paling tidak aq sukai..

yah... emang sih dari awal lu bisa mikir ndiri lu ntuh dah milih!!
tapi yg aq maksud dengan milih adalah milih suatu hal yang berdampak untuk kelangsungan perjalanan hidupku yang entah dapet jatah brapa tahun...hahaha...

nope2.. I DO believe that GOD has give me ENOUGH time for me to live my life..

waktu aq diperhadapkan dengan hal2 yang jelas, all i gotta do is just go in a row which i wanna go..

tp saat aq dihadapkan dengan kenyataan bahwa that row suits u but not typically you...
well... ntuh lumayan memeras otak..

apalagi saat ada satu optional lagi datang menghampiri dengan wajah tersenyum lebar dan seakan berkata "hello... this is me you're waiting for..." bah...oldies amath.. hahahaha...

tapi emang bener kata2 dosen yang satu ini... sebut aja dosen X (bukan nama sebenarnya!)
yang bilang kalo semua masalah SUKA atau GA..!
yup!! 100 percent correct!

how good u are doin some kinda work, but as long as u don't like won't be ur very best..

am I right??

tapi... tappiiii...
gimana kalo dalam usaha menggapai apa yang aq sukai itu ada halangan yang emang- untuk saat ini- masih tidak dapat dihindari..

jadi... aq harus berjalan bersama dengan apa yang aq bisa,,,bukan dengan apa yang aq sukai..

saat kita harus milih satu dari beberapa hal yang ditawarkan oleh yang kita bisa tadi... (bukan yang kita sukai).... apa yang akan kita pikirkan?
apa yang akan jadi bahan pertimbangan dalam benak dan hati kita?

apa yang akhirnya menjadi motivasi akhir untuk mengetuk palu 3 kali tanda the final decision has been made?????

i still don't have the reason til now,,,where I only got few days rest.....

Saturday, July 05, 2008


one day when i attend a devotion at one church...
i got something important to be written down..

important because it's relevant to our life, ourself, well.. it's just about us!

about what did we actually do everyday, everytime, every minute , every single mind across...

well.. it's about the SIN.. 3 simple dangerous letters..


he said..about the steps we are drown into the sin..

first of all.... we have THOUGHT..
hoho.. who knows that all of it come from thought...

what we see,,come from the eyes and put down in our mind..
we think about it always and always.. our mind steer us to think about it again and again..

we think how, why, what, when, where, what, and all those stuff...

til then come the 2nd... WILL....
a will... man.... you'll never know how can a will drive your mind away, honey... hehe..

after we are trapped in mind of thinking about that thing..than come the will to make it! when the will come and take control... babe,,, then come the 3rd... ACT... yes!!
it calls the realization!
a real prove of your thought..
and it's a hard part, coz it's already been done..
you cannot go back.. unless you just stop in 1st step, then we can stop it just in mind, throw it away and we safe...for now... hehe

when the act are happening.. hem...
when we gain all the great feeling and the great effect of doing sin.. than the next step in HABIT..
it become our habit..

because all the sin seems soooo great... and gain a lot of nice thing for us...this time... than, why should we stop doing sin that giving us happiness???


after those things become a habit for us.. then.. we are HANDCUFFed in sin..

i mean it..

you are think about doing it,, you have a will to do it, and then you do it and feel great and try again and again and again and again..and it won't quit.. it won't let us go..
than..we are trapped in...


quote for today is..
take a very good care of what you are think, what you are see, and what you are hear....