Thursday, July 17, 2008

Come When You Are NOT Waiting

i don't knoe exactly how to describe the situation i'm having right now..
at the moment i had wished for anything,, i didn't get it..

but at the time when i'm enjoying my life with any of it like now.. everything just come in!
i mean it!
they're come in into my life..

they just come at the time i stop to keep daydreaming of them..

just like God have HIS own time for me..
it just maybe.. i haven't ready yet with all the stuffs i asked.
but now, maybe i am settle enough to have all or few of them..

lovely,,, sometimes just enjoy your simply simple life and you'll get surprises!!
i mean it. coz i get them..

ust be relax n don't too ambitious..
coz too much ambition would kill u..

well, even tough troubles come and troubles me, but they are still under control..
i love things under control..

well, quote for today..
relax, go on, and enjoy!!!

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