Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pendidikan Moral Melaui Teater

just like the announcement i have spread away before...
that we from Petra Christian University Theater Student activity held a THEATER WEEK event...

a chain of theatrical things did in 1 week. we got POEM COMPETITION on April 30Th, a SEMINAR AND TALK SHOW on May 2ND, and A THEATER PERFORMANCE "INSPEKTUR JENDRAL" on May 3rd....

our seminar and talk show speaker is Mr. ADI KURDI cast as ABAH in Keluarga Cemara...

Theatre is a life..
it having an evolution...
from the stone age til now..
where now, theater no longer get the publican's interests..
they prefer to watch TV or Movie in cinema. but, actually, TV show and Movie is a modern theater itself.
and it's still okay..
the worse come when theatre as a place to presents our life, has become a tool to create money only! only look what's good now, what's hot now and bring it all on theater!

as a matter that theater is present our life.. and those messy and ugly thing could affecting people's mind and worst, their way of thinking and behavior...

imagine if that become a culture!!!

and so on,,, Mr Adi told us about the important elements in theater..
those are..
- script writer
- actor / actress
- music organizer
- artistic organizer
- producer
...and they all directed by the director!

in theater, we need ACTING...
including expression, soulness, and interesting...
we need these 3 things to enliven our acting.

is a commitment of someone to do what he believe is a truth!

one ho knows that this A thing is wrong, but still however, do it, is an Amoral person!

there 3 things that we need to develop in every man self..

there are 2 potential things...EMOTION and SENSATION
emotion here such as angry, happy, disappointed, hate, etc..
it's all natural. you don't have to learn how to happy.. when you are happy, you just be happy at that time..

is a person's ability to give his trace of feel to others (so that one can get the feel that he wants!)
for example.. want to be loved.. how? acting childish, ask softly, etc.
and to do these things, we need to practice and learn! if not, it can be a horrible thing comes out.. and who will want to give you a feeling that you want????

if emotion and sensation are balance.. then, it's a great thing! we got the EQ!

there are 4 potentional on it..
1. Logic
it's for knowing which one is right and not. it has to be developed well, so that we really know which is good or not.. not just we heard it for someone and take it as the real good thing!
2. Imagination
for the developed ideas. so we could be creative. not just stuck in one thing and one way
3. Memory
the one that can make us compare if we are better than before or not.
with memory we can remember all the things we've been through and take it as mirror to our self. Make a note!
4. Faith
make us not scare! n grow our believe feeling!

no potentional in here.. it just come along itself in our self..