Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello! :)
Been a bit not busy this moment. I guess, I'll take this free time to post an idea.
Suddenly I remembered my friendster account. visited it, and found out old photos. LOL!
Then, I decided to took one or two photos of me in every year. Just wanna pay attention to how do I look year by year. HAHAHHAAA...

well, started with 2005. Why? ehm, the year when I started created this Social network? haha. My photo below with my best friend, Melissa. :)
with my BEST friend, Melissa

It was in my lovely last year Senior High Class room. I love to be in that class. Plus the fact that I grabbed all the 1st place! HAHAHA :p Such memories there!
Me, in Senior High Classroom

2007. I went to Uni on 2006. Had a BF few months later. And, Thanks God, we're still together till now (Feb 28th, 2011 )
Me and BF
Three of us were helping the graduation ceremony. It was a nice day on 2008. First time I attend the graduation ceremony. Amazing.and 2 yrs later was mine :D
Melissa - Me - Ditha
 Again in 2008. Me with BF. Just hang p around and ordered some food. Anyway, this restaurant already closed. Just few months after this pict. Too bad.
Me with BF at Golden Thai Resto

 We were gathered in one committee. The event was great even though we must have to super struggled here. Really! Anyway, it was on a meeting :p
Me - Patty - Bee
an accident photo session :p Haha with Campus' friends.
With Friends at Campus. Gajah Gangster
 This one below was on our thesis day. WOW. A very roller coaster day for us. Me especially! Thanks God I passed with great score!! :)
Gajah Gangster on Thesis Day

Well...  I guess enough for now. The 2011 will wait :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Green Fawn

I was gazing around and visit one of my friend's blog, Valencia, then I fund her put a link. I went through that link, and here is my result:

Eva Tarida Sitompul


You are Green Fawn

whose expression and attitude seems slow and lacks energetic action.
You are quiet and don't say much.
You will not show your inner feelings to people easily. 

You have the heart of a young child, and although you may act bit selfish, you will not make enemies.
You are shy and reserved, and tends to be bit like dreaming little girl.
By depending on others you express yourself, and therefore people find it hard to hate you.
You are not very good at handling real world.
You are interested in emotional and mental fields.
And tend to study subjects like religion and mysterious things.
You have a tendency to be self satisfied, but you yourself do not mind that at all.
You actually enjoy that.

You are good at fending off other people's frustration and anger.
Therefore you don't get caught up in troubles, and are able to lead a quiet and peaceful life.
You can not stand difficult situations, and will easily give things up.
If you can work with those people who are gentle and kind, they can bring out your inner talent.

Once married, you will be an excellent wife who would protect her house and family.

interested? try it here enter your full name.


San Minor. First Time Been There

Milanisti Indonesia Logo - Il Diavolo Rosso
 Last night, on Sunday February 20th, 2011. There were no special plan. It was just our family time together. gathered and drove around the city, stopped by at one mall for some relaxing and eating.
Then, I remembered there will be a Milan match tonight. Which is actually not shown in our National Television and so pity also not shown in Telkomvision. Geeeee...

Then, me and my boyfriend decided to went to a place that will show it. Of course via streaming. i already knew about San Minor, Minoritas. A cafe for Milanisti in Sezione Surabaya. We drove that night and stopped by. It was just 7 PM, so of course still quiet there. Because I never been there before, then we decided to moved to REDs Center. It is a Liverpudlian Cafe. But, they also turn the TVs for another matches. We were hoping Milan was shown there.

Bad News! They didn't go for Chievo-Milan that night. Oh My! Because of that match only available via streaming, they couldn't made it, and they decided to go on another match like Genoa-AS Roma which ended with super dramatic play! Genoa was left 0-3 by Roma, and then suddenly they reverse it to 4-3!!! Mensch!!
The 4th scorer from Genoa was Ex-Milan, Albertino Paloschi :) Suddenly reminded me of Istanbul 2005! OOooohhh!!!!!

Okay, back to Milan. So,i made my self to text the San Minor person number. Then yeah, they answered me that they will streamed Chievo-Milan. so, we drove quickly there.
There was a nice atmosphere I got, even though people there perhaps questioned of  "whois this new girl using Milan Away Jersey" :)
So, I sat there and waited for the streaming. You, know, when we're talking about streaming, we should pray for the best always! and yeah, the streaming wasn't that good. Even we couldn't watched Robinho goal! Too bad.. It was me, reading the twitter timeline and shouted "Goal!! Robinho" and suddenly, the people there looked at me and cheering!! :) And the chant is surrounding the room!!! Milaaaan Miiilaaann!! :)))))

Well, I'm not gonna have a story about last night Celebratory match for Silvio berlusconi. I wanna share about my first time watching the match together with all Milanisti Sezione Surabaya at San Minor!

Anw, happy 25 years with us, Berlusconi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FORZA!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spark Saturday Time

It was a Saturday night without any plan. Anyway, it should be a plan made before, but has to be canceled because my BF must went to Bandung for family matter in a sudden. SIGH!
Yeah, a kinda upset, but fine, let him has some Spaβ before he jump in into college world, thesis I mean, again. haha.

So, for the sake of killing this Saturday time, I decided to have some fun with my car, the Chevy Spark. I already have some plan on this Spark. Change the audio, change the horn sound (I bet you'll laugh hear how was the horn sounds like! gee), and brighten the lamp. There were troubles with Spark's lamps.
I spent a whole day.

First, went to Car Audio Variation. on first floor parking lot on a building, there opened a lot of car audio variation stores! woohoo.. you can choose which one you like. Ask for the specification, the brand, the price, etc. After went around that first floor, I stopped in one store, and we had a deal :D
After chose the desired audio and horn, the worker started doing their job. Now I know why men love to hang around in car auto repair, car audio center and stuffs.They're fun!

Well, there also some changing in the middle of changing process. Like, my left front speaker is broken, so I decided to changed them too. After few hours there, and VOILA! New Audio, New Speaker, and new Horn! hahahaaaa..

The Silver Chevy Spark Without its Lamps
Finish? Nope! since I am a very huge fans of comics, and due to hard working, I spent almost 1 month without reading even one comic!! So, I went to Comics rent place where I am a member of it. I got 10 comics. haha.. Then go straight to lamp polish in another store.

Well, we had to wait about 3 hours for the process + waiting in line. (I said we, because I went with my sister). So, we caught up the Pizza, brought the comics, and wait there. of course we were ordering some foods.

About 1,5 hours there, and then we went back to the polish store. Still haven't finished yet. So, we decided to waited inside the car and reading comics. hahhaaa...

At evening, around 7 or 8 O'clock, the lamps are done. Fyuuh.. Finally. And, we're drove back to house.

Friday, February 04, 2011

HOME Theater

HOME Theater Logo
Established in a very unique way on September 4th, 2010, HOME Theater keep getting closer and better.
We are bunch of people who definitely born for Theater!

actually, we were first member of Broomstick Theater, which is one of Student activities in our beloved campus, Petra Christian University. There, our relationship as friends, partners, and another family was built. A lot of ups and downs were happened there. We performed a lot, and held shows a lot. 

Now, after we're graduated, we reunion and decided to make a next step of this Broomstick Theater. Then, a few of us, who already graduated from university held a small cozy meeting. After too much joking and stories telling about our lives each, then we decided to make one community. This one is profitable community. We are doing business. Yes, we're still brand new in this business, but we believe we'll not lost. Then, so, come the idea to name this friendly community after HOME Theater. No other reason, but we're family, and HOME is where we gather, have full comfortable, feel save, and place where we belong!

We had made up our first performance as HOME Theater family. In Mercure Grand Mirama Hotel. We're playing the role of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. It was so awesome that the people who watched us there gave us such a glorious responses! Even, we can't even stop smiling and acting because the guests asked to have photos together with us.
Now and, we're in progress to another performance.

Interested? Just CONTACT US!

Here are some photos to be enjoyed :)
Thank you Lukas for capturing these moments :)
SNOW WHITE and the 7 DWARFS full cast and crew
The casts with another performer
The casts with guests
The casts with Jova (MC)