Monday, February 21, 2011

San Minor. First Time Been There

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 Last night, on Sunday February 20th, 2011. There were no special plan. It was just our family time together. gathered and drove around the city, stopped by at one mall for some relaxing and eating.
Then, I remembered there will be a Milan match tonight. Which is actually not shown in our National Television and so pity also not shown in Telkomvision. Geeeee...

Then, me and my boyfriend decided to went to a place that will show it. Of course via streaming. i already knew about San Minor, Minoritas. A cafe for Milanisti in Sezione Surabaya. We drove that night and stopped by. It was just 7 PM, so of course still quiet there. Because I never been there before, then we decided to moved to REDs Center. It is a Liverpudlian Cafe. But, they also turn the TVs for another matches. We were hoping Milan was shown there.

Bad News! They didn't go for Chievo-Milan that night. Oh My! Because of that match only available via streaming, they couldn't made it, and they decided to go on another match like Genoa-AS Roma which ended with super dramatic play! Genoa was left 0-3 by Roma, and then suddenly they reverse it to 4-3!!! Mensch!!
The 4th scorer from Genoa was Ex-Milan, Albertino Paloschi :) Suddenly reminded me of Istanbul 2005! OOooohhh!!!!!

Okay, back to Milan. So,i made my self to text the San Minor person number. Then yeah, they answered me that they will streamed Chievo-Milan. so, we drove quickly there.
There was a nice atmosphere I got, even though people there perhaps questioned of  "whois this new girl using Milan Away Jersey" :)
So, I sat there and waited for the streaming. You, know, when we're talking about streaming, we should pray for the best always! and yeah, the streaming wasn't that good. Even we couldn't watched Robinho goal! Too bad.. It was me, reading the twitter timeline and shouted "Goal!! Robinho" and suddenly, the people there looked at me and cheering!! :) And the chant is surrounding the room!!! Milaaaan Miiilaaann!! :)))))

Well, I'm not gonna have a story about last night Celebratory match for Silvio berlusconi. I wanna share about my first time watching the match together with all Milanisti Sezione Surabaya at San Minor!

Anw, happy 25 years with us, Berlusconi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FORZA!!

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