Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello! :)
Been a bit not busy this moment. I guess, I'll take this free time to post an idea.
Suddenly I remembered my friendster account. visited it, and found out old photos. LOL!
Then, I decided to took one or two photos of me in every year. Just wanna pay attention to how do I look year by year. HAHAHHAAA...

well, started with 2005. Why? ehm, the year when I started created this Social network? haha. My photo below with my best friend, Melissa. :)
with my BEST friend, Melissa

It was in my lovely last year Senior High Class room. I love to be in that class. Plus the fact that I grabbed all the 1st place! HAHAHA :p Such memories there!
Me, in Senior High Classroom

2007. I went to Uni on 2006. Had a BF few months later. And, Thanks God, we're still together till now (Feb 28th, 2011 )
Me and BF
Three of us were helping the graduation ceremony. It was a nice day on 2008. First time I attend the graduation ceremony. Amazing.and 2 yrs later was mine :D
Melissa - Me - Ditha
 Again in 2008. Me with BF. Just hang p around and ordered some food. Anyway, this restaurant already closed. Just few months after this pict. Too bad.
Me with BF at Golden Thai Resto

 We were gathered in one committee. The event was great even though we must have to super struggled here. Really! Anyway, it was on a meeting :p
Me - Patty - Bee
an accident photo session :p Haha with Campus' friends.
With Friends at Campus. Gajah Gangster
 This one below was on our thesis day. WOW. A very roller coaster day for us. Me especially! Thanks God I passed with great score!! :)
Gajah Gangster on Thesis Day

Well...  I guess enough for now. The 2011 will wait :)


thank's for the comments....
always keep in touch.. okay!!