Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spark Saturday Time

It was a Saturday night without any plan. Anyway, it should be a plan made before, but has to be canceled because my BF must went to Bandung for family matter in a sudden. SIGH!
Yeah, a kinda upset, but fine, let him has some Spaβ before he jump in into college world, thesis I mean, again. haha.

So, for the sake of killing this Saturday time, I decided to have some fun with my car, the Chevy Spark. I already have some plan on this Spark. Change the audio, change the horn sound (I bet you'll laugh hear how was the horn sounds like! gee), and brighten the lamp. There were troubles with Spark's lamps.
I spent a whole day.

First, went to Car Audio Variation. on first floor parking lot on a building, there opened a lot of car audio variation stores! woohoo.. you can choose which one you like. Ask for the specification, the brand, the price, etc. After went around that first floor, I stopped in one store, and we had a deal :D
After chose the desired audio and horn, the worker started doing their job. Now I know why men love to hang around in car auto repair, car audio center and stuffs.They're fun!

Well, there also some changing in the middle of changing process. Like, my left front speaker is broken, so I decided to changed them too. After few hours there, and VOILA! New Audio, New Speaker, and new Horn! hahahaaaa..

The Silver Chevy Spark Without its Lamps
Finish? Nope! since I am a very huge fans of comics, and due to hard working, I spent almost 1 month without reading even one comic!! So, I went to Comics rent place where I am a member of it. I got 10 comics. haha.. Then go straight to lamp polish in another store.

Well, we had to wait about 3 hours for the process + waiting in line. (I said we, because I went with my sister). So, we caught up the Pizza, brought the comics, and wait there. of course we were ordering some foods.

About 1,5 hours there, and then we went back to the polish store. Still haven't finished yet. So, we decided to waited inside the car and reading comics. hahhaaa...

At evening, around 7 or 8 O'clock, the lamps are done. Fyuuh.. Finally. And, we're drove back to house.

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