Friday, February 04, 2011

HOME Theater

HOME Theater Logo
Established in a very unique way on September 4th, 2010, HOME Theater keep getting closer and better.
We are bunch of people who definitely born for Theater!

actually, we were first member of Broomstick Theater, which is one of Student activities in our beloved campus, Petra Christian University. There, our relationship as friends, partners, and another family was built. A lot of ups and downs were happened there. We performed a lot, and held shows a lot. 

Now, after we're graduated, we reunion and decided to make a next step of this Broomstick Theater. Then, a few of us, who already graduated from university held a small cozy meeting. After too much joking and stories telling about our lives each, then we decided to make one community. This one is profitable community. We are doing business. Yes, we're still brand new in this business, but we believe we'll not lost. Then, so, come the idea to name this friendly community after HOME Theater. No other reason, but we're family, and HOME is where we gather, have full comfortable, feel save, and place where we belong!

We had made up our first performance as HOME Theater family. In Mercure Grand Mirama Hotel. We're playing the role of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. It was so awesome that the people who watched us there gave us such a glorious responses! Even, we can't even stop smiling and acting because the guests asked to have photos together with us.
Now and, we're in progress to another performance.

Interested? Just CONTACT US!

Here are some photos to be enjoyed :)
Thank you Lukas for capturing these moments :)
SNOW WHITE and the 7 DWARFS full cast and crew
The casts with another performer
The casts with guests
The casts with Jova (MC)

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