Thursday, June 28, 2012

25th Anniversary

The Cake. Eva Tarida Pict

June 19th, 1987. It was not just a date. That was the date when my Dad and Mom vouch a vow in a wedding ceremony. A year later, the premature me was born. Then, two years later, my sister was born. Not just the two of us lasted then, because three years later, my youngest sister was born. So, the three of us then :) My Dad was automatically entitled as the most handsome guy in our little warm family. :D

And just last week, we were celebrating our Daddy and Mom 25th anniversary :) A week before June 19th, 2012, me and my sisters already planned for a fancy dinner. But somehow we realized that the remaining money in our pockets were not much enough :p. So, we planned for a cake. Special cake. A cake with printed photo in white chocolate on top of it :). Not that easy to found bakery or cake shop whose able to done that. But God made a way. One of my sister's friend, opened a cake shop, and so he was able to do what we wanted :) Ah, plus, with special price :):):))).

And on June 18th, 2012, my sister took the cake, then hid it in the refrigerator. Not really hidden actually, since my refrigerator wasn't that big. So, when my parents asked what was that, we just said "Our friend's" That's it :p.

JUNE 19TH, 2012.
Early morning we woke up. Because my dad always got prepared on 4AM, and drove along to work on 5AM. So, that meant we gotta woke very early. We slowly took the cake from fridge to our room, and got prepared too.
After my dad finished the shower and get dressed, the three of us went out of our room and surprised them! ;) My Mom and Dad were very surprised. My mom even felt so touched till the tears burst in to her eyes. After hugging my mom and dad, my dad hugged my mom.. :)
Then, before my dad went to work, we took pictures. :)

Daddy and Mommy on Their 25th Anniversary. Eva Tarida Pict


I Love you both! The best parents! You two, never give up on us, never give up on bad and worse and even worst situation and condition in out lifetime!
God bless you both always!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Bestfriend's Wedding (#1)

Why do I put #1 in my post title? Because, I have 4 best friends. And this post will only talking about one of them.
So, it started on Tristiana's birthday on March 2012. She announced that her wedding day will be on June 17th, 2012 and we will be her bridesmaid. Such an honor! :)
We started to discussed about our bridesmaid dress, make ups, etc. 

Tired but SUPER HAPPY Bridesmaids. Eva Tarida Pict

For short, we arrived at June 16th 2012. H-1 of the wedding day.
There is a tradition in Javanese called 'Widodaren.' It's a tradition where the groom's family came in to the bride's family bring stuffs as their gift. but, both bride and groom must not see each other at all. That's another tradition call 'Pingitan.' Single people from bride's side have to be prepared to accept the gifts from groom's family and put them in the bride's room. The bride's already waiting in the room, but she can only meet the groom's family. After that, we have a small introduction session, and dinner.

Finished with the Widodaren at 9 PM, me and Icha went to Kayoon to took the bridesmaid flowers for hand bouquet. Then, we went straight to Arlita's house, who had just arrived at Surabaya about an hour ago. She took a night plane to Surabaya from Jakarta. She was having a job there. Then, we drove back to Tristiana's house and picked her and her mom up to the guest house.
Tristi rent the whole room in the guest house for her and her fiancee family and guests. Also, for their Wedding meet's room. 

There is also a tradition called 'Temu Manten' where the bride and the groom finally meet each other after a week of Pingitan. Tristi also set up the 'Temu manten" room in one of the guest house's rooms. The guest house was nice :)
At night, Prissia came also.The four of us stayed there for a night. We prepared the hand bouquets ourselves, and as we were totally starved, we also ordered McD on the midnight! Hahaa.. What a diet! :D
So, we finished the hand bouquets on around 2.00 AM, then we ate the McD, we were super starved! And took a fast sleep on 3.00 AM. On 3.50AM we had to woke up already, because on 4AM the make-up and hair dresser already arrived.
We took a bath one by one. Prissia went first, because she slept first! Haha.. Followed by Icha, Me, then Arlita.
The make ups and Hair do were awesome. Simple but nice :)

The Beautiful Tristiana. Eva Tarida Pict
The Beautiful Tristiana. Eva Tarida Pict

Then on 8.00 AM, we, the bridesmaid took a photo and video of morning express. Tristiana was sooooooo beautiful! She was so gorgeous and looked totally happy! I could suddenly felt her happiness too, you know. After that, the 'Temu Manten' session began. Before the groom could met the bride, he and his bestmen had to pass through us, the bridesmaid. And we could do any fun of it :p
So we asked him to made a short funny poem (Pantun, in Indonesian). Then, he had to danced while the bestmen sang "Iwak Peyek" and danced along. Hahahahaa.. He did that you know! Leo did all those things :D Then Arlita escorted him to entered Tristi's room.
The Newly Wed with Their Parents. Eva Tarida Pict

After The Wedding Ceremony

After that on 10.00 AM we got prepared to the church. The Wedding ceremony was about to begun. Then just like as we saw in the movies, the groom entered down the aisle first, then the bride. It was touching :). a short ceremony, and here came the most touching part. The part after the bride and the groom officially tied up as a husband and wife, and they took a kneel in front of their parents. The four of us were touched! Our tears already on their way down from our eyes.... :) Then they both signed all the papers, and walked out of the church.
At the church's front yard, we had the Two Doves and Some Balloons' released to the air. On the 1, 2, 3 count, we released the balloons, while the newly wed released the doves, they kissed each other. So.. Sweet! :)

Tristiana and Leo. After releasing the Doves and Balloons

We could have 3 hours break after the wedding ceremony before the wedding reception. It was a very precious time for us. So we took a short qualified sleep :p. On 3.00 PM we got prepared again for the reception. But we had to gathered on the reception place first on 4PM for a rehearsal. 

The rehearsal was a bit delayed because of some traffic jam, etc. Ah, I forgot to said that Tristi's reception  was a pool-side one :) Nice, right!

Me and the Bride! Eva Tarida Pict

On 6.30 P, the Wedding reception began!!! After the MC announce the beginning of this reception, the bridesmaids and the bestmen went out coupled. Then the groom's parents, followed by the bride's parents.Then, with the taccompaniment of the song A thousand years, the bride and groom walked down the road and reached their beautiful stage. :)

Nice Dance Before The Wedding Kiss On The Pool's Bridge. Lovely! Eva Tarida Pict

Well, the rest was not much different with another wedding party. But this time was a bit different because we, as Tristi's bestfriends took our direct part on her super special day! :) However, the fireworks on their Wedding Kiss were also awesome! :D

Happy Wedding for Leo and Tristi! Happily ever after! When troubles ever come in to your new life,  always remember this June 17th, 2012 when you both tied up your holy promise as husband and wife and soon to be beautiful parents! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Online Shop

Just crossed my mind one day to have another income. My dream is to have my own work. Whether it's restaurant or shop or whatever. Looking at my too much clothes and shoes, I decided to sell them with special price. You know, the secondhand things.
Then I made a blog on February 2012. It was first only for my used wardrobe or my new-but never been used wardrobe's shop-window. Then I found out that on Blog, this selling thing didn't affect too much.
So, on my way to office, I sometimes listens to the radio. One of their routine ad-lips was about a website for online shopping. So, I decided to also make one there. Well then, I officially starting my Online shop :)

Please do have a visit:
My Blog:

My Twitter Account: @2ndhandwardrobe

My Tokobagus:

Phone Call: 082332330671 :)

Satisfaction guarantee! :D



Wonderful Day with My Car

Whatta Life Whatta Life Whatta Life!  Somehow I kinda love using that phrase.
Well, talking about LIFE, on April 8th, 2012 (last Friday), I experienced one of wonderful time in my life. I had to call it wonderful you know. I'll tell you why I had to call it wonderful.

So it was Friday, and almost everybody in my office was out. Some was went home earlier, some went out earlier for meeting purpose. Whatever. On 4.15 PM, I felt like I wanted to went home earlier. Besides, all the work were already done. First floor, where I worked already empty (Seriously. Everybody on first floor already left earlier), so on 4.30 PM I decided to got off.