Monday, June 11, 2012

My Online Shop

Just crossed my mind one day to have another income. My dream is to have my own work. Whether it's restaurant or shop or whatever. Looking at my too much clothes and shoes, I decided to sell them with special price. You know, the secondhand things.
Then I made a blog on February 2012. It was first only for my used wardrobe or my new-but never been used wardrobe's shop-window. Then I found out that on Blog, this selling thing didn't affect too much.
So, on my way to office, I sometimes listens to the radio. One of their routine ad-lips was about a website for online shopping. So, I decided to also make one there. Well then, I officially starting my Online shop :)

Please do have a visit:
My Blog:

My Twitter Account: @2ndhandwardrobe

My Tokobagus:

Phone Call: 082332330671 :)

Satisfaction guarantee! :D

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