Monday, June 11, 2012

Wonderful Day with My Car

Whatta Life Whatta Life Whatta Life!  Somehow I kinda love using that phrase.
Well, talking about LIFE, on April 8th, 2012 (last Friday), I experienced one of wonderful time in my life. I had to call it wonderful you know. I'll tell you why I had to call it wonderful.

So it was Friday, and almost everybody in my office was out. Some was went home earlier, some went out earlier for meeting purpose. Whatever. On 4.15 PM, I felt like I wanted to went home earlier. Besides, all the work were already done. First floor, where I worked already empty (Seriously. Everybody on first floor already left earlier), so on 4.30 PM I decided to got off.

I was driving along back home, when I suddenly remembered my mom asked me this morning to took her groceries at her friend's house in Kutisari. So, I swerved to the right, to the small road to reach Kutisari street faster. I felt a bit disturbance on my car, but I didn't pay enough attention on that. After arrived on my mom friend's house, took her groceries, I drove back home. Suddenly, in my 4th or 5th turning way, my car just like did a dubstep. So, I pushed the gas pedal harder, and the dubstep keep occurred. Dear Lord! And the accu sign was on! MAYDAY MAYDAY! And my car just stopped. I started the engine, but it won't started. Luckily, a guy helped me to push my car to the side of the street, so I won't made more trouble with a street-jam :p That guy helped me to checked on my accu, but it was okay. Nothing's wrong. Of course, nothing's wrong, I checked it this morning before I drove to the office. Then, I waited for a while, because sometimes too much heat could be one of the probable cause. But still, the engine won't started. I decided to called my dad, and he told me, to asked for some assistance to pushed my car while I tried to turned the engine on. You know, another first aid is, when your accu is a bit in trouble, pushing your car faster and faster while someone inside trying to start the engine could be done and worked out! :). But hey, in my case that night it also didn't work. Oh God. It was 5.15 PM already.

The guys who helped me to pushed my car decided to pushed my car entering a residence. So, it would got me comfier place to wait. Smart guy! :) They even looked for some repair-man for me. But, it was just not my lucky day I guessed. The one repair-man was doing a job on Sidoarjo, the other was out of town also. So, I sat there, and called my dad. Waited for my sister, who fortunately still at college. Her college was on Siwalankerto street. It was just next to Kutisari street. So, she came and accompanied me. I kept searching on my phone book. My car was dead! And suddenly, I remembered that I have an acquaintance who had a car-workshop! So I called him immediately. Told him my problem, and of course, he could exactly told me what was wrong. Then again, he said, that my accu charger was broken, so the only thing to do is to dismantle the engine and change the charger. So, that meant my car got to hospitalized tonight. So... HOW??

I really had to pulled back the "not my lucky day" term, because my acquaintance's house is also in KUTISARI! And from Mulyosari (about 30minutes driving to Kutisari), he'd came to me and did his first aid. My other sister also came in, as another blessing from God, that she also was in college to finished her thesis! Thanks GOD! So, my youngest sister back to College to finished her task, and my young sister accompanied me. Waited there around 45minutes, and my friend finally came! He immediately did the 1st aid by charging my accu used accu to accu way, and he said "After I finished charge it, you gotta drive it fast directly to my house! Okay?" So, when the charging time which around 10minutes was finished, and I thank all the guys who helped me (and I already gave them some compliment of course :) ), I drove fast to my friend's house. My friend and my sister (she drove a car too) followed me from behind.

Guess what, on 3rd turning-way, I have to step the brake because a small traffic happened. And.... taadaaaaa... my beloved car stopped again. Right in the turning corner! I asked help for a guy near there to pushed my car to the side of the road. On that 'accident', my friend got off from his big car, learned a thing or two, and he pushed my car towards his car while he said "Thank God your car is a small car. Hahaha.." So, he charged my accu again for around 15minutes, and again he said "Just drove very fast, using city light only, no AC, and use big gas, okay!." The charging time finished, and I just drove very fast, used city light only and stepped deep on the gas pedal. After I arrived at his house, he commaned me to parked my car, and when he said "Okay, stop," my car just stopped by itself. The accu was dead again! WOOHOO..... Sweating and tired, I just laughed and asked him to took care of my car, and he said "okay, just go home, leave it here, I'll take care of it tomorrow."

So... I went home with my sister. Hahahhaa..
What a wonderful night! :) When I thought I could go home earlier, I had to spent more time on the street :)

But above all, I thank God that I really do have friends! And a caring and loving family :)

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