Friday, May 25, 2012

Kupang May 17th, 2012 to May 20th, 2012

Who doesn't like Long Weekend? For workers especially, long weekend is one of the most great time that worth waiting for. I wasn't that excited about it when i was still in school, or college. But since I am working now, long weekend is just like an Oasis in the dessert :p

2012, for we all already know, in Indonesia contains a lot of long weekend :D So, for this May 2012 long weekend, me and my boyfriend already plotted a trip plan to Kupang, NTT, Indonesia.
Kupang is a city in NTT, Indonesia. Why Kupang? Because it's his hometown, and my mom's hometown too. So, a nice choice of course. 
It was only me and my boyfriend who planned to Kupang. But my Mom jumped in afterwards because it's been 9 years since her last visit to Kupang. So be it, the three of us were going.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Imperfections That We Long To Feel Again

Come again another Sunday Service. Last Sunday, only me and my two sisters who attended it. Because my mom and dad were both ill. 
The priest were talked about LOVE and OBEY. He dropped down one by one of his explanation.
The interesting thing was that he used Power Point Media to visualized his sermon.