Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Imperfections That We Long To Feel Again

Come again another Sunday Service. Last Sunday, only me and my two sisters who attended it. Because my mom and dad were both ill. 
The priest were talked about LOVE and OBEY. He dropped down one by one of his explanation.
The interesting thing was that he used Power Point Media to visualized his sermon.

Then, he gave us a video. Video of how real love can do in our life. How even we, as an imperfect human could have such a great love. So can GOD love us better and best.
Well, I wanna highlighted the time when he showed us the Video. I can't hardly hold my tears. It was awesome.
The video of a wife of David Lee, giving a speech on her Husband's funeral. They were a mix-culture spouse. Her husband was a Chinese, and she is an India woman.
The video below have no English/Indonesia subtitle. But, her English was very clear to understand. However, I will also write down her speech.
Please enjoy this video:

The speech: 
Funeral home: Mrs. Lee, I believe you have some words to say about the dearly departed.
Mrs. Lee: (Step in to the stage, bring a framed photo) I'm not going to sing praises for my late husband. Not today. And neither I'm going to talk about how good he was. Enough people have done that here. Instead, I want to talk about some things that make some of you feel a bit uncomfortable. 
First of, I want to talk about what happened.. in bed. 
Ever have difficulty, starting your car engine in the morning? (Imitating sound of snoring) (Audience laughing. Mrs. Lee Smiling) Well that's exactly what David's snoring sounded like. But wait, snoring wasn't everything. There was also this rear end wind action going on as well (some audience laughing. David's parents also smiling and laughing). 
Some night, it would be so forceful. It would wake him up "What was that?", he would ask (Audience continues laughing harder). "Oh, it's a dog," I would say, "go back to sleep, dear."
Well, you might find this all very funny. But towards in the end of his life, when his illness was at its worst, these sounds indicated me that my David was still alive (Hold breath, looking to her Husband's photo and gasping crying). And what I wouldn't give, just to hear those sounds again before I sleep. (Smiling to the audience, look down to the framed photo which is their wedding photo). 
In the end, it's these small things that you remember. The little imperfections that make them perfect for you.
For my beautiful children, I hope one day, you too find yourselves life partners, who are as beautifully imperfect as your father was to me.
(take the framed wedding picture, step down the stage, hold her crying children).

I found this one was amazing. Sometimes, in daily life you might complaining about how bad your spouse's habit is. Perhaps they love to laughing too hard, or snoring so bad like the late Mr. David Lee from the video. But, there will also the time, when this -you don't like- habit will be missed so much. Like Mrs. Lee said, "these sounds indicated me that my David was still alive."
Mrs. Lee want to share to us, that clearly no one is perfect. Love them as they are. Don't ever make the little imperfections ruin the whole love your spouse already give you.

One more thing, one line that I love from The Vow movie, was when Paige's mom explained, why she stay instead of leaving her husband after that one horrible thing? The answer was simply simple but very hard to do: I chose to stay with him for all the things he's done right; not the one thing he's done wrong. I chose to forgive him..

Never expect too much. Communication and understanding will always give you a way.


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