Wednesday, November 28, 2007 radio..

our last visit was to HardrockFM bandung radio station..
this radio's office wasn't so big..just like a simple house..

but it contained lots'a techno things related to radio stuffs..
this radio, just as same as OZ does, they play selective songs..

Hardrock focussed on adult-youth song.. oldies, evergreen..classic, jazz..
not all Indonesian new big hits would be played in this station... they put the song with their age range..

this visit was awesome.. they treated us so well.. we even got Hardock's sticker each..
we were also able to saw how they announced, editing, their main control, etc..

the wizard of OZ

the wizard of OZ.. what is this actually...?
well.. it's actually the background of the OZ radio's name from its founder..
well..they were inspired by that title..

this radio station is interesting..
we got presentation from the OZ's HRD manager, PR, and one of its announcer..

this radio typical is its fastspeak.. twas how do the announcer greet the listener with the faster tone tempo than the others do..

we listened one example of the fastspeak..and yes, twas really fast.. but of course twas still clear..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Jakarta Post.. classic and techno!

well.. after we finished our visitting in TRANS 7, we went to The Jakarta Post. the Indonesia's first english language-based newspaper.. twas so cool.. how we could see, how do those guys work, collect news, pick up the news, choose the right man for the right position, etc..
of course with their own high standard.. such as, English active n passive MUST!, TOEFL minimum 550, etc..
we had a presentation from its senior journalist, Mr. Harry bhaskara. he told us lots'a thing..
such as, their history, how about the news bias, categorization, etc..

twas a lovely visit..
they also had their own library..
they collected all their newspaper.. even from the very first one..
twas great experience..

TRANS 7... lots you can see..

Me in front of trans Building.   Eva Tarida Blog

hmmm... this visitting was so nice..
not just nice! twas great..
well...we found out several trans 7's newest programs..
we could saw how do the tools work, how do the presenter presents their news..

we had a tour around the studio.. we also met few actor and actress..
and saw the shooting goin'...hehe..

Monday, November 26, 2007

at the DUFAN

our third day visitting was went to DUFAN..
place where lots'a game vehicles available..hoho..
first, we had a presentation from DUFAN's operational manager..
he told us about DUFAN.. when did it built,, how many game vehicle they had,, what kind'a rumours that often came to them..

he told us also about the latest one call "tornado".. twas amazing..(i played that once..hehe) how about its safety... lots'a rumour came out about "tornado"..
"tornado" has double safety.. one looks like seat belt and one that stressed us so that we are stucked up...

and after that, we want and played at DUFAN...
lovely experience..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Technorati Profile

Mirage Advertising and Production house... Lovely..Yummy...

our second day at jakarta was went to south east asia's biggest advertising and production house!!huakhakha..

it's in INDONESIA!! u see..???

finally..Ind has something great!hoho..

nonononon..just kidding..

u can see, that indonesia also contains great talented people..hohohoho..

they worked on few commercial for SONY Bravia, cigarettes, Suzuki Spin, candies (kurang asem), etc...

they had a very great audio room.. place where they testing the audio, the sound for the product's commercial, etc.

their main control is so large..n freezing of course...

the rightside pict is the main control..

this office had a very great scenery..the interior n so on was great.. what a lovely place to take a shot!hehehe....

we also went to the 3D room..where they made the real form of their design..

so great...

hmm.. we got lot of new thing here..
lovely place, lovely job..

what a FOUR EYES....hahahaha

Empat Mata Studio.  Eva Tarida Blog. Photo by: Eva Tarida

This is our first day at Jakarta..
Acctually, we went to mangga dua first.. but twasn't a formal visiting anyway..
hmmm....went to 4 mata studio (which u can see the studio from the image  took a long time!
It wasn't so far.. but babe.. the traffic jam made us arrived 2 hours late!!
Lucky, they were okay n fine to waited for us...hmm.. thanks God....
It was so fun watched Tukul n the guest stars had conversations..
They brought us a very interesting topic that night.."dunia malam.." hhahahaha.. not that mystic n scary one, but how the sex life, and co goin in Jakarta especially..
they brought up Five V.. one of Indonesia hot actress and Arie K. Untung..emm.. I didn't really know this man really impact or involved to this topic.. but maybe about his experiences on that "night world" things, and how the one who is more mature (already married with 2 kids) respos this new phenomena..
They also brought us Moammar Emka.. the one who wrote Jakarta Undercover (1-3) book..he explained us about that "world" some new stuffs given to those who loves to try..(yuckz.....) n how do they goin...
and the last guest was the player herself. so, they brought the real lady escort to shared..but, well, for me, not much information given from that girl.. Moammar Emka gave more..haha..
emm...BUT..from the other side, babe..
twas so boring! when the floor director (the one who in charge at that moment n controlling the show going) told us to laughed, clapped, sat like a lady, etc always and always...
even sometimes to the unfunny one!bbbrrrrrrrppppp.....
but overall..twas okay..

during the study excursion

well.. selama tanggal 11 november 07 smpai 18 november 07 beberapa dr qt cao ke jkt n bandung..
qt berangkat dari surabaya tgl 11 november 07..tuh hari minggu.

kumpul di parkiran T..n berangkat sekitar jam 11 siang.. naik 2 bis ungu yang luthu,,,hahaha...

sorry no image available for this post..hehehe.....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

new commer

yupi yupi...
this is my first time posting in this blogger site..

but i already have a cats blog on friendster..
yeah just a very ordinary blog...

this is a task..hehe
so my lecturer asked us to make a blog at
well, so this is just a pre write to fill my task..


see you on other occassion......

see ya!