Tuesday, November 20, 2007

what a FOUR EYES....hahahaha

Empat Mata Studio.  Eva Tarida Blog. Photo by: Eva Tarida

This is our first day at Jakarta..
Acctually, we went to mangga dua first.. but twasn't a formal visiting anyway..
hmmm....went to 4 mata studio (which u can see the studio from the image  took a long time!
It wasn't so far.. but babe.. the traffic jam made us arrived 2 hours late!!
Lucky, they were okay n fine to waited for us...hmm.. thanks God....
It was so fun watched Tukul n the guest stars had conversations..
They brought us a very interesting topic that night.."dunia malam.." hhahahaha.. not that mystic n scary one, but how the sex life, and co goin in Jakarta especially..
they brought up Five V.. one of Indonesia hot actress and Arie K. Untung..emm.. I didn't really know this man really impact or involved to this topic.. but maybe about his experiences on that "night world" things, and how the one who is more mature (already married with 2 kids) respos this new phenomena..
They also brought us Moammar Emka.. the one who wrote Jakarta Undercover (1-3) book..he explained us about that "world" some new stuffs given to those who loves to try..(yuckz.....) n how do they goin...
and the last guest was the player herself. so, they brought the real lady escort to shared..but, well, for me, not much information given from that girl.. Moammar Emka gave more..haha..
emm...BUT..from the other side, babe..
twas so boring! when the floor director (the one who in charge at that moment n controlling the show going) told us to laughed, clapped, sat like a lady, etc always and always...
even sometimes to the unfunny one!bbbrrrrrrrppppp.....
but overall..twas okay..