Saturday, May 24, 2014

Toraja in frames, by Heru Raya Kandari.

A friend of mine, Heru Raya Kandari.
He was a college friend and we gathered together in Print and Online Journalism concentration,
Later, when we graduated, he added me on Path.
His Path's posts serve us the great photograph of his environment.

Here are some of them.
Toraja in frames. By Heru Raya Kandari. Pict by eva tarida. Evatarida.

I've told him to make a personal website as a home for his awesome photographs.
Here is his twitter: @herukandari.

Well.. Just wanna show this off. 

Friday, May 09, 2014

Mini Open House dengan Pak Boss

Kali ini, isi posting saya ini adalah tentang mini Open House yang pernah terjadi dengan VP Sales kami, Bapak Hadrianus Setiawan.
Lokasinya keren, di Chakra, The Breeze, BSD
Open House ini lebih ke arah sharing dan tanya-jawab mengenai apapun. Hari itu, beliau share mengenai investasi. Investasinya berupa saham dan properti.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Turn Back Time

If I could turn back the tine.
If I had the chance to use the time machine.
I would chose the year 2006. 
When Italy won the World Cup, and I first met you.
And try my best to not fell in love with you.
Then, live my whole new life.