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Kupang May 17th, 2012 to May 20th, 2012

Who doesn't like Long Weekend? For workers especially, long weekend is one of the most great time that worth waiting for. I wasn't that excited about it when i was still in school, or college. But since I am working now, long weekend is just like an Oasis in the dessert :p

2012, for we all already know, in Indonesia contains a lot of long weekend :D So, for this May 2012 long weekend, me and my boyfriend already plotted a trip plan to Kupang, NTT, Indonesia.
Kupang is a city in NTT, Indonesia. Why Kupang? Because it's his hometown, and my mom's hometown too. So, a nice choice of course. 
It was only me and my boyfriend who planned to Kupang. But my Mom jumped in afterwards because it's been 9 years since her last visit to Kupang. So be it, the three of us were going.

May 17th 2012.
Very early in the morning we already had a little shock, because my bf train was delayed around an hour. Where we had to immediately went to the airport. Thank God, it wasn't too late, so then after my bf arrived at my house, we just jumped in the car and daddy drove along way to airport.

Flew by with Srwiwijaya Air was good. It was just a bit slow and late to took off. So then, we arrived at Kupang around 13.15 WIT, which actually scheduled on 12.50 WIT.

In KUPANG day 1 - May 17th, 2012
I could already smelled the scent of sea and beaches' sands... And the heat of Kupang already on my face. Kupang's heat is very high, but because of the sea wind, you won't feel sultry like in Surabaya. Plus, the air in Kupang is still fresh, and cleaner than Surabaya. Not that much pollution because of transportations.

From El Tari Airport, Kupang, we were picked up by one of my relative's car on 13.45 WIT. First, we dropped off my BF to his house. Well, 5 years and counting in a relationship, it was my first time to saw hishouse in Kupang. Big, and have a wide yard :) Love it. His house located in Kelapa Lima, Walikota. Then, me and my mom went straight to our lovely house in Oeba. :)

Oma's house didn't change much. The garden seemed fuller with plants, flowers, trees, etc. Plus, now they add more pets: Chickens and Cats. Geez...  To be honest I'm not that keen on with pets.. I don't know why. :p

One Side of Oma's Garden. Eva Tarida Pict
So, we put our belongings in room, handed over stuffs we brought from Surabaya, I brought Bolu Kukus Amanda which is not existed yet in Kupang, and Fresh One Bread, also some Anak Mas snack. Do you guys still remember that Anak Mas snack? you know, it was like a dried noodle, or the uncooked instant noodle, packed along with the seasonings. To enjoy it, we had to pour the seasonings on to the dried.uncooked noodle, then crunched them, shaken and eat! :D The new Anak Mas is easier. The dried/uncooked noodle already seasoned and crunched. So what we do is just open and eat it! Delicious.
After that, we couldn't leave the living room because Oma made us - wanted or not - to ate! Well, who won't? Kupang's seafood always terrific. Besides, one of my auntie really knew how to serve us delicious foods.Oh, never mentioned before, but my Oma's command could not be denied! :D hahahhaa...

Oma Jacoba in the Morning. Don't Mess with Oma! HAHAHA.. :) Eva Tarida Pict

Well then, after fulled by delicious foods, we had a nice chit chat with Oma. Oma have a super great sense of humor. She always have something to tell and share, and she never ran out of stuffs to be mocked.. LOL! Superb Oma!

16.00 WIT, I prepared myself. Took a bath, etc because Rama will picked me upon 16.30 and we'll drove along Kupang. Hehe.. Rama arrived with Irland, his nephew. We first went to Rama's daddy grave. He passed away on September 2009. Rama looked sad. He was so close to his daddy.

 Irland, in other way, jumped around and kept talking. Oh, but he was the one who remembered that we forgot to brought the cologne. :D Cute boy. A funny conversation happened also.

Irland: whose grave is this?
Rama: Irland's opa
Irland: Ooh.. So, where's Opa now?
Rama: Opa in heaven (pointed at the sky)
Irland: Wow.. Who took Opa to heaven?
Rama: It was God....
Irland: I see.. so God ate Opa, right? :)

:) I could only smile and said to Irland, that God hugged and brought Opa up there, God did not eat his Opa. Afterwards, we brought Irland back home, and we together drove along city of Kupang. Rama showed me some of his friends' houses when we passed through them, also his schools (High school, elementary), and other monument or places.

You know, in Kupang, time flew sooooo fast. it was just in sudden 6 PM already. So, we decided to had some eat. We went to Kampung Solor. It was an area, which are full of shops and tenants in left and right side of the road on a daylight, but on the evening, fulfilled with food tenants. And as always, FISHES are the main menu there. If you want to imagine it, it's like Kya-Kya area in Surabaya. :)
However, the amount of Javanese people  in Kupang seemed increased a lot. As I could stared around on Kampung Solor area, a lot of Javanese people selling Fried Rice, Duck Rice, etc. But, in Kupang, who wants chickens and ducks? We prefer super fresh fishes of course.

The difference between Surabaya's small restaurant that selling fish with Kupang's are only 2 points: 1) the freshness. Kupang's always have the super fresh ones. Because the fish always carried along from Sea themselves.
2) the sizes! the sea-fishes sizes were amazing... I ordered a 40cms White Kakap fish. Grilled. Super delicious. :D

Fishes. Ready to Cook in Kampung Solor, Oeba. Eva Tarida Pict

And for that size of fish, I only had to paid for IDR 40,000. Imagine if you were in Surabaya... Oh my.. It could cost you twice!
After that, we drove along for awhile, and Rama took me back home. Well, it was only 8PM WIT when we arrived at home, but Kupang, lack of artificial entertainment like Malls, dept. stores, etc. So, it was already dark like 10PM in Surabaya.
At home, Rama also had chit chat with Oma and mom. Oma explained to Rama her plan for tomorrow. Then, he went back home, and I spent the rest of the night gathered and shared with my cousins there. :)

In KUPANG day 2 - May 18th, 2012

Happy 52 Birthday, Mom!
 It's My Mommy 52 birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! 

Woke up very early! Well, not that early actually, but Oma already screamed to waken me up, got prepared and took a walk to the Oeba Fish Market. We were going to bought some Parang-Parang Fish. It wasn't that much sold in Fish market, so we had to be there early! It was 5AM WIT, so it was 4AM WIB. Haha... Me, Mom, Aunt Atta, and Aunt Windi took a walk to Oeba Fish Market. We used the shortcut. And to went through that shortcut, we had to went through our neighbor's garden. LOL. So, Aunt Atta knocked and yelled softly asked her neighbor to unlocked their garden's door.
A bit explanation, in Kupang, almost all the neighborhood are very friendly. They knew each other for a long time since their mom, grand mom, etc. So that almost everyone is like family. :)

Go on, entering the way to Oeba Fish Market wasn't so good. A small pathwalk with a lot of garbage in one side. Oh, I forgot to mentioned that in Kupang, you could not just only found Dogs and Cats wandering around, but also PIGS! Hahahahaa..

Garbage and Pig on the One Side of a Way to Enter the Oeba Fish Market. Eva Tarida Pict

Garbage and Pig on the One Side of a Way to Enter the Oeba Fish Market. Eva Tarida Pict
It was a lucky day to us, because just right before the gate of Oeba Fish market, we already met the Ikan Parang-Parang fisherman who sold the fish. So, we bought some amount of them. A bit many, because my youngest sister requested to have that Ikan Parang-Parang back home in Surabaya. Anyway, Aunt Atta's sambal is the only sambal I could enjoy in my whole life :p.

Aunt Atta Tries to Bid the Ikan Parang-parang Price. Eva Tarida Pict

We were also surrounded by lots of fishermen and fish sellers. You could watched by yourself when the fishermen went back from the sea and brought tons of fishes in their net. Wow.....! The sizes! The freshness! ;D

Oeba Fish Market, Kupang, NTT, Indonesia. Eva Tarida Pict

Oeba Fish Market, Kupang, NTT, indonesia. View of the Fishermen and the Fishes. Eva Tarida Pict
However, One tip to buy fishes here, don;t forget to bring your own plastic bag. because, in fish market, they do not provide plastic bags. They will only wrap your fishes, or squids, or snails, etc with paper. But, there are also a lot of plastic bags' seller around there. They will cost you IDR 1,000 per each for big plastic bags, and IDR 500 per each medium plastic bags.

After that, we moved forward to Oeba Market. We got to bought some groceries. One unique thing for things like chili, onions, etc was the measurement to sell. The measurement weren't ounce, Kilograms, etc, but more like a cup, a can, a bag, etc. But for vegetables, just like back here in Surabaya.

Buying Groceries at Oeba Market. Eva Tarida Pict

Almost Everybosy Stop at here First. Eva Tarida Pict

"Daun Sipat" One of the Main Ingredient to Make Sambal Luat (Kupang's Sambal). Eva Tarida Pict

Lombok Padi. Very Small, but Super Spicy. Also, The Measurement Using a Small Can, Stc. Eva Tarida Pict

Special Corn to Make Jagung Bose (Kupang's Traditional Food). The Measurement Using A Big Can. Eva Tarida Pict

The Heart of Rote's Banana. Eva Tarida Pict

Plastic Bag. As Mentioned. Buy! Eva Tarida Pict

Finished at the Market, we back home. And Oma already there waited for us with a plate full of fried banana and Hot tea! Delicious! :) :). Relax for a while, then Oma started again to arrange us. Who's gotta do what in what to what! Hahahaa.. So, we cooked together. We got to be hurry, because Oma party plan was to be held on lunch time. Oma gathered our close relatives to her house to celebrated Mom's birthday and also to commemorate her brother's death few days ago.

On 11 Am WIT, some of our relatives already arrived. Well, i must admitted that I didn't recognize most of them :p Hahhaaa.. But not just that, when all of Oma's grand-grandchildren arrive... The house became their playground. For total, Oma had 16 grandchildren, and already 10 grand-grandchildren! WOW. it was almost a chaos there1 The kids were jumping around, running around, screaming, etc.. Oh My!
We had a lot of fun of course. Rama also came. Then, around 4PM, Rama and I went off and we took a walk. We used Kupang's Public Car called BEMO. Well, Surabaya called them BEMO too. :) The difference in Kupang's Bemo with Surabaya's only two also. 1) The Speed. and 2) The appearance. Both are better in Kupang ;D Way much better.
I also stopped by in some goods shops to looked for some souvenir for my friends in Surabaya. I thought of bought them Sasando's miniature.

Sasando's Miniature. Those were My Cousin's Wedding Souvenir. Eva Tarida Pict
 Sasando is one of Indonesia's traditional musical instrument. It's origin from Kupang, NTT. The shape is like a big bowl made of coconut midrib or feather with a long tube on the center to put its strings. Yes, it's a stringed instrument. I was thinking to bought the medium size for 4 of my best friends. But somehow they were to costly, around IDR 50,000 each. So I decided to search for them tomorrow.
Arrived at Rama's house, we rested there for a while, played with Irland and Pierre. On 7PM WIT, Rama and I took off and we wandered around Kupang again.

Short time, because, somehow Rama also wanted to spent some time with his family. So, we took some time in KFC Kupang, and wandered around in Ramayana Mall (The only mall Kupang had...). Right before he drove me home, we went to Warung AROMA, a small restaurant which always provided PIG SE'I MEAT. We ordered 4 kilos to for tomorrow. Almost everybody in Surabaya asked me to brought Se'i meat. :p

Se'i Meat is one of Kupang's best known for food instead of fresh fishes. The most popular is Pig meat. But of course there are also Cow and the latest is Deer meat.
So, they will long-cut the meat, pour some seasoning (I don't really know), then smoke them. You can just eat it after it's done, but usually, I cook them again.
First, cut the long meat into some square meat, then punch slowly the meats to make them easier to cook. Then, pour some pepper. And then fry them with less oil. Just like frying Tempe or egg. Do not deep fried them. Too much oil won't cost you any good.
Sometimes. my mom also steam the meat.
Eat with hot rice. Delicious!!!
To buy Se'i Meat, you need to spent more money. The price for pig Se'i meat around IDR 110,000 per kilos. For cow Se'i meat, a bit expensive, IDR 130,000 per kilos. Deer meat, as I know is more expensive, but i haven't bought any yet. But everybody told me the meat was so legit and delicious..... Yuuuummmmm.....  Then he drove me home. After arrived at home, I spent my night with my niece, Chelsea :)

In KUPANG day 3 - May 19th, 2012
It was our last day in Kupang. because on May 20th we flew in early flight to Surabaya. We got a lot of destination this day. From grave to grave, relative to relative. We visited our family grave. The Kupang's Family grave and also from Netherlands' family grave. As I already told you in my other post that my Opa (my mom's dad) is a Dutchman.

One unique experience happened to me and Rama. While we were visited one of our family's grave, my Aunt asked me and Rama to bought some cologne to be poured out above the grave later. So, we went to the convenience store next to the tomb, and guess what, the nice old lady who owned the store was Rama's relatives. So, instead of spent money there, we got 4 colognes for free + ices and fresh drinks. Enjoyable :p But we had insisted her to accepted our money, but she suddenly got a bit mad. She said it's been a very long time since her last meeting with Rama. And they were a good relative, so 4 colognes and some ices and drinks won't do any harm for both of us. Anyway, her family's convenience store business was one of the big business in Kupang. The name of the store was Berkat Keagungan. They also had mini-market. Wow. Great chance to grab.

So, for short, after grave to grave trip, we went to Opa Hadi's house. One of our close relative. There we shared a lot of stories, and also had lunch. Main menu? Come on, of course FISH! :D Opa Hadi had 3 children. One of his children gave birth to 3 twins.. How do you name that.. Ehm... twins, but three, not two. And to made it simple, the parents named them in alphabetical order: A, B, C... LOL. Creative!

Then, on around 4PM WIT, we went back home to Oma's house. Relax for a while, took a bath, then me and Rama went out to bought a lot of things. We went to the Tenau beach.. Played and took picture over there for a while, then took a walk to the shopping area there. Actually, it was more like gift and souvenir area. There, I got Sasando miniature for only IDR 15,000 each :) See...! Lucky me didn't buy it for the first time. Then bought Cow Se'i meat, and then bought some bread and took the pig Se'i meat we already ordered yesterday.

6PM WIT, Rama drove me home. Because it was our last day here, so Rama of course needed to spent more time with his family. Me, at home, packed and packed and packed. Not to forgot all the stuffs people in Surabaya asked.. Haha.. Oh.. Time gone too fast when we had delicious time. Always...

9PM WIT, some of our relative jumped in to Oma's house this night. We chatted along and shared a lot of news. My Aunt went up to bought some Pig Satay for our very late dinner. But hey, it was worth it :p The Pig satay was yummy!.

I was planning to watched UCl Final, but then, i realized that I need to woke up very early to reached the 1st flight on 6AM to Surabaya. So, I slept.

In KUPANG day 4 - May 20th, 2012
Not actually a "Day 4" by the way... I woke up on 4.15 WIT.. took a bath in cold water.. Brrrr.... Then got prepared. By the way.. Chelsea won it. Damn! After that, we all said goodbye one to another, and on 5.15 WIT in early bird, my cousin Andy, drove us to airport. Oh, wait we made one stop before airport, it was in my bf's house. We picked him up too.

So, we arrived in El Tari airport and checked in. However, we flew back by Batavia Air. And it was faster than scheduled. Okay...
Surabaya again.. The hot and humid Surabaya

Looking forward for another trip.. Somewhere :)

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