Monday, January 31, 2011

January says goodbye :)

It's not that I hate January or something. It's just, finally one month is ended and welcoming another month. February! :)
Well, February is my favorite month by the way. Reason? Noo.... I am not talking about that Valentine's day. Simply just because my birthday is on this loveable month :)
And else is that this February is always short. It has maximum 29 days you know. Haha..
Since that this January moved sooo fast, till I don't realize we're already in the edge of it, I enjoyed the time when my paycheck is arrive! HAHAHAHAHAA....

I am glad that I was born in February. Under the sign of Aquarius, I feel totally blessed! Not just because I am Aquarius, but you know, all those happiness :)
All the business I have in January suddenly just wiped away when I realize tomorrow is February already!
Other thing is that this 2011 February has 2 holidays! yiihaaaa.. Lovely right?

well, I just wanna say Thanks for the great January for the lovely 31 days, and goodbye!

Welcome my beloved 2011 february! Hope I 'm gonna make a great February fabulous!

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