Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Me as a Milanista

Associazione Calcio Milan
With NO special Purpose I'm writing this.
Milanisti (Plural); Rossoneri Tifosi are terms for AC Milan fans. You know, A. C. Milan one of Italia Serie A Football club.
I don't really remember when exactly I started became a fans of AC Milan. As I remembered, I was following my favorite FC Player ever, Filippo Inzaghi a.k.a Super Pippo.
It was me at the 5th grade I remember. When I first saw him and his super fast first goal break in just 8 second!
Even though a lot of people say he is the King of Offside, and even Sir Alex once stated "Pippo was born offside", in my opinion, Pippo just super!
There, I followed him who moved from Juventus to AC Milan. And guess what, in AC Milan I found out a great feelings of being a fans. I don't know what do you wanna call me. I don't care anyway.
My Handphone screen capture :)

When I entered Junior High School, I remembered I was official an AC Milan fans. Milanista. Part of Milanisti.
I collected all their photograph, snapshots, articles, and whatever to satisfied myself.
Sneaking in the middle of night to watch Lega Calceo live. I got to sneaked because here in my country for time zone reason, the Serie A matches usually on air in the middle of the night. 
On my last year in Junior High School, I meet 2 other AC Milan's fans. We exchanged stories about our favorite players in San Siro. If one of us in sudden missed the match, the other will had a turn of story telling :).
But as time flies, it just me who remain as AC Milan fans. 
There were also upsetting moment. Such as when we lost from Liverpool at UCL 2005! When we actually leading 3-0 at the beginning. But, thanks God, 2 years later, we took back the trophy!
Also, when we were forced to sold Kaka, one of our best young payer to Real Madrid.

Well, at this time, I am proud Milan already doing some refreshment. Our Allenatore, Masimiliano Allegri made some improvements and still making together with Galliani and of course Berlusconi!
Pippo Kisses the Trophy
Hope Scudetto will be ours for this season!!

Note: Thank you Google.image for these amazing images!

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