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Always Appears on Novel's Cover
STOP (TKKG in Indonesia)
  I Love reading. A lot. 
Most of my all time favorite readings is comic. I love all kind and theme of comics. Also, I like to read novels.
Here, One of my fave novel from Germany Author, Stefan Wolf.
In Indonesia, This novel is entitled as "STOP" Which stands for the 4 main character: Sporty, Thomas, Oscar, Petra. It's a radio series actually based on Stefan Wolf's Novels. There are also the  cartoon version and  the real version of them! :) Made in 28.09.2006 on German Movie.

TKKG real version in TV Series 2002 Ein Fall für TKKG  -

TKKG in real version 28.09.2006. German Movie -

TKKG in cartoon version -
 What makes me have a bright post about this STOP novel, is that when I want to review it on my Goodreads, I couldn't find it. So, I started to search it on The Almighty Google. I typed "STOP" and i didn't find what I after to. Then I Typed "STOP sporty thomas oscar petra" and Voila..... some results appear..
What confused me is that the result is "TKKG" Curious of course, so i got in!
I read the whole article, and yes it tells about the novels i read a lot. But there are some differences there.

There are:
T : Tim (Peter Timotheus Carsten, A.k.a Tarzan) --> Known as Sporty in STOP.
K : Karl Vierstein A.K.A Computer --> he's named as Thomas in STOP.
K : Klößchen (German for Dumpling) His real name is Willi Sauerlich --> named as Oscar in STOP
G : Gaby, with real name Gabriele Glockner A.K.A "Pfote" (Paw) --> named Petra in STOP.
after those confusions, there is 1 more thing that makes me more confuse is that these four's mascots, Gaby's Spaniel Dog named "OSKAR"! This dog was called "Bello" in all STOP series.
Well, but then I found out that these superb novels had been translated into almost 100 countries around the world. In here,Indonesia, TKKG's were translated to Indonesia and some of the characters' names were changed. In order to simplify the pronounce and fit in the translation story lines.

TKKG was changed to STOP; from the names of the characters:
  • Tim's name was change to Sporty, alias Peter Carsten.
  • Karl's name was change to Thomas, alias Computer. His real name was Thomas Vierstein.
  • Doughnut's name was change to Oskar, alias Fatso. His real name was Oskar Sauerlich.
  • Gaby's name was change to Petra, alias Paw. Her real name was Petra Glockner.
  • Oskar's name was change to Bello, Petra's spaniel dog and the mascot of STOP.
The first 9 games were translated into English (the first 3 were sold in English-speaking countries; the last 6 were not and were translated for educational reasons). TKKG was kept as the names, but changed;
  • Tim became Tiger, or Peter Carsten.
  • Karl became Kevin Forestone or the Computer.
  • Gaby became Katy Crocker, or the Paw.
  • Klößchen became Grunter, or Basil Sowerby.
Stefan Wolf Unterschrift
 Whatever.. These novels are cool and recommended! :)


  1. so anyway,where did you learn how to speak german? :-)

  2. how did you know i can speak German?
    I took a course in Goethe Institute, few years ago.

  3. i had about 10 of these in my collection, read the rest sequence at library.

    sayang sekali grame*ia stop translate komik ini, cerita nya gak bosenin terutama oskar yang hobi sekali dengan "coklat".

  4. @MD : yup! I love those books too. I thank my late Grandma and auntie who love them too :)

    @atrix: thx for visiting. Nice! I don't know how many books I have in the bookshelves. A lot of it :)
    Yah, perhaps they figured out that these books aren't hit anymore. So they stop sell or publish them.

  5. I love these book a lot!! pls advise if you know where to find the english version. as in my country only 70volumes have been published.

    Thank you very much!! :)


  6. @ Anonymous: Me too :) However, I couldn't find also here in Indonesia. I'll let you know if I find one :)

    @ Zuhair: many Thanks :)

  7. I only had 2 of it in my shelf "manusia ular" and forgot the other one. Published in Indonesia by grame*a. it's a fun adventure little book. i wonder were there ver a pdf of it or scanned version of it translated in english by germany publisher.


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