Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old Time Curvy Women

It's not that I wanna talking about curvy ladies or somewhat. It's just I was reading one of my comic strip book, entitled MAFALDA. There, Guille, Mafalda younger brother always loves to watch Brigitte Bardot. Her name was very famous at that time.
Then I found out she was only around 10 years older then her previous, Marilyn Monroe. What surprised me is that their character of face and body is similar.

Marilyn Monroe (USA June 1, 1926 - Aug 5, 1962)

Brigitte Bardot (France Sept 28, 1934 - now)
 Similarity :
  Full Sensual Lips
  Big Sensual Eyes
  Wavy Hair
  Curvy Body
  Sexy Poses

One from America, one from France. I guess at their era, they own the stages and scenes! :)
Thing is, we can barely see Brigitte's metamorphosis, but not the Marilyn's.
However, both are fantastic in my opinion.

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