Thursday, March 17, 2011


Complete PEMTA in 2006 ;p

What does that acronym stands for? No, it's not something super for the world, or some kind of new world organization. It's simply our little comfort lovely world.

simply just the every first letter of the name from five of us.
We were really gathered together in Senior High School. Three of us already friends since Kindergarten :)
The P, the E, and the M. We were went to the same school since Kindergarten and Elementary school. Also we went to the same Sunday school. And for the sake of little children friendship boats, we and other friends love to bike around the neighborhood, and used the bike to reached the school.

Me (the E)and my friend the P joined the same exercise, volley ball, where M joined basket ball.
Then come the Elementary graduation on MILLENNIUM (the Y2K). Three of us separated. Oh, actually we also made friends with other lot children. But, this is now the story about five of us, right :)
Me and M went to the same Junior High School, while P to another's. 
There we met our new friend, T. Those days were super awesome! a lot of turning back happened on Junior High School.
The last year of Junior High School, Me, and T became closer and met A. We always spent time together afterwards. M? She also made friends, but still she gathered with Me, T, and A.

Yesterday! We Gathered 16032011

How about P? Because she went to another school, our connection is limited. But we still had time together (me, M and P) on church every Sunday.

Early this 2011 Year. Having Karaoke :D

Senior High School
is when we began! Then met the five of us because P was moved to our school. But, unfortunately, T must moved to another island, due to family matter. Then four of us become closer and closer. Of course we still made friends with others. 
Right on my 16th birthday, T went back to town and moved back in to our school!! Yiihaaa!! Such a present for me :)
So, here we are always together.
I found out they are my best friend ever. Tho perhaps one to another get closer, it doesn't matter.
What I proud most from our PEMTA is, when there are bad tings or unsuitable things to be told, we talk about it. In a proper time of course. But we not doing those hollaback things! I do love this kinda friendship.

PEMTA on M 17th Birthday Party

The college time is when we were truly separated. P was moved to Jakarta, A to other campus, T was in the same campus with me and M, but in different building and department of course. Me and M? Surprisingly we both back together in the same department :)
But, always we spare some times when P was visiting us here. :)

4 of PEMTA. P hasn't Arrived yet
4 of us without P. She was in Jakarta Already

4 of PEMTA without P. She hasn't arrived yet
on March 16th, 2011.
Now, all five of us already graduated, working, but still spend some times to gathered and love each other.

All photos courtesy by: Eva Tarida

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