Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April, the 4th Month of the Year

April 2011 Calendar. Source: here
 Here we are now, entering the 4th month of the year. April.What so special on it?
Guess, first of all, because of the April Fool's Day which greets us on the very front gate.
Even though I wasn't celebrating the April Fool's day anyway. I mean it, I wasn't did anything foolish in purpose. I mean, I did no bullshit on that day. I just kept worked all day, because it wasn't a holiday here in Indonesia.
Of course with all the glory, I'd respect the 1st of April more and more if my government make it as a national holiday! hahahaaa.. Super, right?

Okay, what's next? For my personal life.. Ehm..
Okay, there was a new guy in the office. In another division, but we gather in the same big room. SO, I can easiy said that our office is now merrier :)

Okay.. what else? Ehm.. for my boyfriend, perhaps this month is a rush month for him, because the deadline of his Thesis is  in the middle of April. WOW. And this means I, definitely have to help him as great as I can :) GOOOOO!!!!

Ahhh.. there's more.. haha there was a derby de la madonnina this early April, and my fave team, ACMILAN won it against Inter Merda with 3 - 0 score!!! HAHAHAHHAAA :)
SUPER, Ragazzi :)

What more?
Since this is still the 6th day of this month, perhaps it'd be too early to conclude this April. As far, I love this month. Ah! Anyway, it's a short month, and I am expecting the sooner salary.. hahahahhaaaaaa :)

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