Saturday, July 19, 2008


that's one little word that describe how do i feel after i watch the batman premiere last night..



it's totally true that hollywood has lost it best actor..
Heath Ledger..


overall, the story of this movie isn't so...uhm..
what is to say in word..
not so...fabulous.

but.. the contain of the movie!
the messages it brings..
the effects it use..
the technology..
the gadgets...
the character of each player
they are sooooooooooo great!
those things i mentioned are completing this movie..

the message about what human really is was brought when the Shio's scene..
it's when 2 ships which contain different kinda people, one is all prisoners, and the other is just ordinary citizens..
they had a detonator each, and told, that before midnight, the joker will protect the one that push the detonator..which means, blow away the other ship..
joker believes that inside, everyone is evil..

but, well..
the ship that contains prisoner chose first their step..
by one big prisoner, he throw the detonator away in to the sea..
i was amazed with that act..

and the other ship, even a citizen take the detonator and want to push it, but, then he put the detonator again..

and so... there was no firework like the joker has planned...

none of the ship has blown.. because they are want to live together and still have a humanity,,,
they do believe that the other ship won't blow them away...


well.. this movie is a little too hard than another super heroes movie..
but, the violence scene also so felt in here..

but,,,the batman kills no one in this movie, but the 2 faces.. but that only in case he wants to save the gordon's son life..

fyi..the batman appearances always surprising..
whoooo... He always come appears and gone in great ways..

the Joker itself..

i mean it when i say I love Heath's acting..
i do really like him acting since the 10 things I hate about U..
and then come the brokeback mountain, and ned kelly..
he got all casts.. all character..

but, yeah, we''ll never see him again in real world and in a new movie..

beside those violences and cruelness.. the batman movie also give us enough time to laugh with the joker appearance..
with his silly does when he is blowing a hospital.. it's become so funny, because his tool was a little bit stuck..

so, when he came out with the background an on progress of blown away hospital, suddenly the progress stops because the tools is stuck!!

u should watch how was the joker's face..


i can say anything else but..
watch the movie..
pay attention..
u gain a lot..

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