Sunday, July 27, 2008

the 3F factor

well then...
I attend a devotion last Sunday afternoon.. And what do I got? Another simple touching one..
Seems like I've been blessed by my dear God..

It was speaking bout WORRY..
There are 3 factors why do we don't have to be worry...

worry's appear because we wanna do all things by our own thought, our own mind, our own knowledge, and our own capability

the 1st factor is..
* the FATHER factor

father... the worshiped God Himself, asked us to call Him..FATHER..
you see.. we've got the right to call Him as our Father...
we don't have to worry, because our Father already know what do we need.. even at the time we are not thinking about it yet..

In this world, we know the concept about wheel...
That wheel is turning..  Sometimes we're on top, sometimes we're on bottom of it..

But that's worlds'..
We, Our concept is we're head, not tail!

So, We always on top. Never on the bottom..
It's not that so we never face tests, temptation and others, but they're exist to be a chance for us to be better and better each loving day..

Remember about the Colonel Sanders. The founder of KFC.

Before he gained his success, he was bankrupted and all he got was sold. but 1 car, 1 pan, and 30 sacks of flour. He came one to another store and cafe to offered his recipe of chicken.
Every single chicken he made for the store or cafe, he got 4 cent only.
Well.. count from there on, 8 years later, he got his own about 680 KFC franchises!
and he sell every franchises of his KFC for $2 million..

em.. i guess that's not a little amount of money..

John Weasley also said "make as much money as you can, save as much money as you can, and give as much money as you can"

so that, nothing to worry, because Our Father bless us always!

the second is..
*the FAITH factor

is about how do we believe in everything!
when we are start to worry, actually we're start to think that God cannot make what HE has promised!
well then, that thought is a sin itself!

our God is ON TIME! Punctual!
HE never late, but yet also never to early..
that's become a problem for human being. for human being wants everything fast, and soon happening!
everything's happen for God! because of God. we don't have to regret anything happen in our life. because it's all has been planned by HIM!

a simple example about faith, is when we check up in a doctor,, we don't actually know who this doctor is, is he really a good one?
than he give us a medical receipt, we took it and we give it to the pharmacist.
we're not seeing the pharmacist made the medicine, we also not exactly know what the doctor actually write down in the receipt.
but we go home with that medicine and consume it just as the order said.

it's faith!
we believe that we can be okay with the doctor, the pharmacist, and the medicine,, even tough we don't really know, or else we actually don't know at all about them.

3 batteries for Faith are LOVE - as an ability to accept the faith, GOD'S SAYING ON THE BIBLE - His promises as the faith's charger, and JOY - to make the Faith durable!

well, JOY is not the same with Happiness! because happiness comes from happenings, but Joy's not! joy is when u are believe even tough the miracle haven't come yet!

and the last is
*the FOCUS factor

without HIM we cannot do any single thing!
with HIM, we can do anything!
the longer we depend on HIM, the worry will not necessary!
Eben Haezer always in our life!
He has NO reason to NOT help us!

nb : make an intern, very close, and intimate relation with our dear GOD..

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