Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ma Theater

it's now my second year on becoming one of Theater activity committee...

and that means that this time is my 2nd time running the open house..
which well..
i also become one of this open house committee..


i was sooo ehm.. what should say...
tired.. fed up with another students activities doin!
they keep asking asking asking asking..

yelling protest and protest and protest..

well, we got problem back there, a few miss are happened..
but, where the other can stay cool with that, there is one that make me sick of them!

where it's actually not my full responsibility, but yeah.. like usual i always become the one that given those responsibility,,,


but thanks to my chief of committee,, and my team for helping me facing the protest one!!



but, well.. those all just suddenly disappear when i come into my own spot, on THEATER ACTIVITY..


i just suddenly remember our last year..
preparing this open house till midnight..

we are having fun there and a lot of expressions are appear.
well.. i'm just feeling so lucky to have these guys..

and am hoping that they won't be like the former ones..


pray for the best for the coming open house..

hope we can do the best, feel the best, gain the best..

thx Lord..

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