Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Training Phase 3

I forgot to told you guys that I already passed my 2nd phase training! YEEAAAYYYYY!!!!

the 2nd phase training should've been scheduled for 3 months only. But, due to the festive moments, lots of visit from our colleague from overseas, thus, I done my 2nd phase in 5 months. Woohoo...
So, let's make a simple calculation.

the training period is 11 months.
1st phase: early Jan to mid April (almost 4 months)
2nd phase: mid april to mid September (5 months)
there.. I've done 9 months for sure. And for my 3rd phase, I only have 2 months left!! Dear Lord. Where it supposed to be 6 months long for this 3rd phase. x_X gee...

So, it only means one thing: Super Speed!!

I have to have faster speed to chase all I need to know and understand in only 2.5 months!

thank God that my colleagues are the best :)

Anw, my boss, Mr. MA was moved into another function. So, only 0.5 month with him in this 3rd phase, and I moved on with Mrs. Sisca as my new boss :)

Mr. mario is awesome and rock as heaven and hell! I really grateful to have had a boss like him.

a bit in my concern when i heard he'll be replaced.. But.. just like the old saying says, get to Know me, then you'll Love Me. and it applied in mrs. Sisca :) She's awesome toom you know! Very smart and cool. :)

So.. I thank God again for replacing my awesome boss with another awesome boss :) :) :)

i do hope I can pass this 3rd phase excellently!! :D

God Bless me!!

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