Wednesday, November 27, 2013


There's one thing I learn or.. I assume... after Several time has gone since my first step on this Jakarta soil.
Believe it or ot, the more remote you are from the center of whole source, news, heart of nation, the more you are informed. 
Why? And how?

The answer might be:
 the realization of living int he heart of the nation. In which, we might take things too easy. What things? The news, the occasion, the tragedy. It's not we becoma apathic or some kind of that, but we become more struggle-less.. (See I can not find the proper word) to gain informations.

While when we're at the remote area from the main source, we'd more likely to push ourselves more to gain those valuable informations.

One simple example is that one day I was eavesdropping (not intentionally f course.. They were screamed at each other for Christ sake), 3 people talked about some brands.. These people were great educated, and were success young executives at a industry which needs them to know about communication, advertising, etc. 
so, back to them... They were talking about some brands. Well known brand. And I was surprised that They were surprised when theyknew the companies where those brands come from. Those brand were still closely related with their work FTW!

I mean, for people with those kind of work, with those kind of education, with these kind of information idly surrounding.... And yet they didn't know,...

Okay..this might as well because I was to lack of jobs to do perhaps, so that I knew those little things. Or maybe, because I was aware enough?

I don't know.

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