Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach or Garden Party

Beach Wedding Pict: here. evatarida Blog
It's not that I already want to get marry. NO. I still want to have my free life ;)
It's just that I love this beach or garden party concept for my soon will be wedding. Haha
It's always being my dream for a great wedding party. I never have any images of partying in a big hall or whatever.
How about the ceremony in church? Well, we can just kidnap the Priest and take him or her here also, right? :):)
With those wonderful scenery and great weather, super simple dress, delicious food, and ukulele stringing! I bet this would be very great! :)

Beach Wedding. Pict.  Eva Tarida Blog
And of course, for this kind of cozy wed, we don't need a complicated dress :) However, I always love the greek Wed dress style :) plus their simple make ups and hair do also :D
Simple Beach Wed Dress. Pict. Eva Tarida Blog
Simple Wed Hair Style. Pict. Eva Tarida Blog

Greek Wed Hairstyle. Pict. Eva Tarida Blog
 Those above are my options for hair style. For the simplest, you could re-watch the Helen of Troy ;) in which the beautiful Diane Kruger casts!
Helen of Troy (With Paris)

Helen of Troy (With Paris)
 aah.. If you could recall that Buffon and Alena Wed! that's it! ;D Alena's dress and make up and hair do is just perrffeeect!! :);) 
See this picture below :
Gianluigi Buffon and Alena Seredova Weds. Pict. Eva Tarida Blog
Ahahaa.. Yeah.. That's it.
I will complete this post with the bands, the dances, and the Food and Beverages!! :D

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