Sunday, April 06, 2008



one of this year's most controverting movie...

at first, I don't get either what this man actually means by making this kind of movie..

but, well anything happens for reasons..

before we yelling and shouting, and boycotting, and stuffs like that,,,
we should see what's exactly behind this...

emmm... according to his statement about this movie, I can say that he just doing what most people say..

I mean.. he made a realization of many people whispered..

but, well...
this is a global world..

maybe he should pay attention that this world is sensitive...


I am here just being NEUTRAL..

I haven't watch the movie yet..

so then, I cannot write too much,,,

It's just so interesting to me..


any other supporting or contra comment?

it's cool if we can have a great discussion, Right?

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