Saturday, April 06, 2013

When The Going is Easy, You May Headed Downhill

The title above I chose exactly to express what I've been through the past 3 months (and going).
Like I've told you before, I am having a training in my new job place.
Here, I have to push hard and harder to what I actually have and carry as my potential. Or else, I will fail.
It's precisely not as easy as a single click to do for me. I really have to learn a lot, and have a great determination. Plus, it's really a brand new thing for me.

I almost gave up on my 1st month. And, again I almost don't give a f*ck after my 2nd month on my 1st trial presentation at Area's office. But hey, no diamonds are made without hard tempt!
Big thanks to all mentors, that on my 2nd trial presentation, I have a lot of lights to complete my presentation.
There I always remind myself, that I've made such effort to held this position. And I only 3 steps away to make it permanent (3 phases of training).

Less than 2 weeks, I am going to have my 1st phase presentation. there I'll present all that I've learnt and improved during the 1st 3 months training. I run as fast as I could to chase what I got left behind, and prepare my presentation as GREAT as I can :)
It's me, btw! I never wan to accept any 'fail' word!!

And one sticky note from thingsweforgetblog really had my mind; When The Going Is Easy, You May Headed Downhill. If we want to reach the peak, we have to climb up, with every strength we have, and with every tools we have.
So, here I am, in the middle of my presentation preparation, in the area office, again gain all my spirit and will for next Monday's trial presentation! HUH-HAH!
God Bless Me!!

a sneak peek of my presentation ;)
My 1st Presentation To Be. GBMe!

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