Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Sushi Time!

Thanks to Youtube. Yeah.. believe it or not, this video-sharing website has done a lot in our life :D
Not to forget that one time when you wanted to roll the rice and made a SUSHI! yeay!

SUSHI TIME! Eva. Devi. Ike. Rama. @Evatarida

I was on my Christmas holiday, so I went back to my lovely home in Surabaya.
Me and my sisters decided to made sushi that one day. We believed we had all the ingredients and equipment needed. Just, how to made it?
So, there goes the role of a youtube! :D

Too bad, some of the ingredients weren't exactly how they supposed to be.. so.. our Sushi was delicious, but a bit weird.. hahaha..
the rice was a bit too mushy due to the difference of the rice's type. hahhaa..
We even put the rice in the freezer for few minutes, but still...
Rama. Ike. Devi. Sushi Time. @Evatarida

Eva. Ike. Devi. Sushi Time. @Evatarida

Eva. Ike. Devi. Sushi Time. @Evatarida
and, the Tuna was replaced by Ikan Bandeng :p so, too salty actually.. hahaa
but anyhow, it's the togetherness we shared... :):):)

Sushi Time. @Evatarida

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