Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tot müde

capek. sangaaatt capek.
capeeeeekkk sampai mau mati rasanya. kira-kira begitulah arti judul posting kali ini.

tahun yang tidak terlalu berkesan kelihatannya, namun menyimpan banyak cerita.
banyak kejadian datang dan pergi silih berganti di tahun 2009.
ups and downs pastinya.

getting older. which is I always get every year [til God told me it's done]
pass my semester nicely
working on great path on my second Internship @ Eastjavatraveler
what else..
pass my seminar for thesis proposal!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!
get a job as a writer (thxx valen)
get another job as a lecturer asistant (thxx bu Fanny)
and that means,,, my own money!! :))))
what else?
I almost forget.. since this 2009 wasn't so good for me.
okay, just left those list.

lost my beloved grandma... :'(
almost broke up with my bf (twice, ore three times, or maybe four times????)
my bf dad's passed away
he did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
broke.... :(((

I can't say so much about this year. I just wanna say, that, the big things in 2009 is miserable things. I hated when they came to my life.
I hated it when they're all about to ruin everyhting I've built.
and most of all, I hated it when twas did by someone I care most!
how dare!
it's like I wanna smack him in the face, beat him on her head, and every such thing!

let that 2009 gone away, and welcome 2010. hope you give me brighter year.

and yes, I'm sooooooo tired. Tot müde to face that kinda problem anymore.
it just, for me, I guess, we never be the same again.

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  1. yuhuuu mbakkk... long time no post... :D
    hmm.. capek ya. aku yg g ngerti cerita jelasnya tapi ngikuti sekilas dari fb ae wes kroso capek juga..
    i can't say much about anything mbak...
    be calm, and u always have a choice..

    semangat gan!!!!!!!! tang tarang tang tang! AHE!


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