Thursday, August 12, 2010

From Disney We Learned

There was once (okay twice.. oh more) friends of mine sending a short message. Just few characters, but means  a lot. :)
About the Disney's Princesses story. They are living in cartoon world. But bring us meanings for life.

The Disney Princesses

Why was Snow White given an apple with poison?
  •   To show that not all people are as kind as what they pretend to be.
Why did Cinderella have to run away when the clock stroke midnight?
  •   To remind us that everything has limitations even dreams.
Why did Ariel decide to exchange her fins with feet?
  •   To show that anyone is willing to give up anything just to be happy.
Why did Beauty get in love with the Beast?
  •   To show us that Beauty is NOT everything, we have to look at the Personality first!


  1. wow...I never knew that disney classic story had so much meaning in it.although my favourite cartoon now is spongebob squarepants.hehe...


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