Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Love To Be Me

I Love To Be Me.

The thing I would never regret in life, is that I was born to be me. And I thank God a lot of this grace.
I might ever think that my path of life isn't easy. And it really is not easy. It never easy. 
We always have a role in life which is already patterned up there, long time ago. If we believe in creation and all God's plans.
I recognize myself as a lucky enough girl. I don't care if there is anybody says that they're don't believe in luck, but I am feeling lucky.
I was born in a simple warm family. With lovable daddy, and brave mom. I've been graced by 2 sisters too. And they are helpful. We three are helpful each other.
I've been blessed with great friends from the very first I've noticed they were exist, until now. Many things I can learn from making friends here there and everywhere. Am glad that God ever put me to some places, areas, moments, environments,which are so really unexpected. 
Some community wasn't really counted on my friends-wish lists, but it did happen.
Did I regret it? Nope. I feel terrible when it did happen, but then I thank God I ever experienced those kind of conditions.
I thank God, I blessed with this kinda personality :) This personality help me much and more. Very much I guess.
There were also family matters, where we should tight up our belt for keeping money exist. That was hard, and horrible. you know, when you are use to eat 10 much, and suddenly got to be able to eat only 3 much??? You know how it felt would be. Twas so hard for 5 of us. We struggled enough, until God show the way again. And, here we are more graced each day!

And guess what, after 18 years being single, a man coming to my life. A special one :)
And I love days I had with him. Even tho there are times that hurt me much, but we can fixed it up.
I thank God, cause He created me this way.


  1. I need to know the purpose of this post, this post is something that show how much you appreciated your life now, isn't it?

    everyone had some trouble in their life though.but the one thing that can't kill us only makes us stronger. so cheers up. :-P

  2. hehe.. Thanks.. Just another post during my boredom.. :)


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