Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Simple Compliment

Why do I write this? Nothing but my precious experience.
Okay, let me have a bit of your spare time, and I'm sorry in advance if you have to jumping with the not-inline-texts :)

After graduated, I quit my more than a year part time job, and had a free time for around a week or two. Then, I decided to picked up the phone and call one of the offered job. Across there, the receiver was friendly, and she asked me to came by tomorrow. alright, u can see the recap of that story here.

The First thing that should be asked to me is: WHY? Why this kind a job? This one is a very new field which I never involved before. But yeah, I couldn't even answered that. Not that day, not now,or maybe not too tomorrow.

It was a bit hard for me. Well, okay I confess, very hard. You know, to work in some kinda brand new type of working, brand new job desc, and whatever, was a bit stressed me. okay, a lot!
FYI, in my 4th month working there (I was in probation for 3-6 months. Management Trainee for word), the boss called me up and said a thing and two that shocked me. I was never felt very fail before. And yes, that was the time! And I have to admitted that I wasn't very bright! And my dear boss gave me another 1month probation to prove myself. 
Thanks God, I had a super companions there, and they supported me, and helped me out to do the Priority scale - which in fact, I never did that before :D -
And guess what, in the early 2011, the boss called me up again. Not just gave me my commission, They said a very bright words to me. Compliment! Compliment because I prove myself for being better and better! And they wish a very better me for the next facing months or years :)

That day was amazing! I was super happy, and yes, more often, I can do my job well. Some sort of annoyance of course, but with a better skill of work, and a great team work, we can do it better and better and better.

Last, but not least, when my boss asked me to create a letter to our principals and customers - due to our internal gathering of 25th anniversary - with of course the flowery words for being 25 years great companions, I was a bit confuse. Well, I love writing, but a formal flowery words announcement letter was a new one :) and I wasn't planned to fail! 
So, I made it first in Bahasa Indonesia, asked for any input from my collages, and guess what I received in my email this morning after I submitted the letter to my boss?

here is her email for me -uncut- :

Dear valuable EVA
your letter is EXCELLENT!!!
thanks alot
we really are amazed with you !!=)
keep up the good work.

A simple compliment for a simple task, can just suddenly brighten my day! I bet you'll feel the same was as I did :)
So then, when we are in my boss' position, please don't ever mind to give compliment. No matter how easy the task is. We should realize that small task from us might be a big task for anyone. And a simple compliment will drive our passion more and more.


have a great work.


  1. 'dear valuable eva' is a very sweet statement! :D *bisa ditiru*
    wahh pasti senang sekali ya va waktu dikasih compliment gitu. :)
    will note ur last message.
    "please don't ever mind to give compliment. No matter how easy the task is."
    thank u for sharing va!

  2. Haha.. bangett senengnya Len :D
    Langsung begitu dapet email itu, ga lama aku ditelpon dan beliau mengulangi apresiasinya ke aku.. senangnya..heheheee
    Itu ku copy-paste tanpa editan lho..hehehee

    yep.. after your great sharing within our chat last week, this time is for me, right? hehehehee


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