Sunday, May 01, 2011

Where Will I Go After This?

I was having a chat someday with one of my friend. Good friend actually. We were met on college for took the same department and then we always shared the same class. Until we chose the same concentration, which made us together longer and more often.

However, am not going to have a nostalgic writings here. It's just our chatting few days ago reminded me about how our passion was. Passion about a subject, a field. We were struggling till whatever whenever wherever however, and we were kept up our best to fulfilled our passion at that time.

In the middle of the super warm chatting, she suddenly asked me "Va, do u still want to work in M field? or u just already settled with that office work?" I was stopped for a moment. Thinking. What would my answer be? A quick arguments jumped and rolled in my mind. Then I answered her "Yeah, of course that field still attracted me. But, yeah, right now, I'd love to do that when all condition is proper and the stuffs are suited" right a way she answered "hahahahahaaa.. yeah when all is suited. A very nice one. Yeah we have to re consider again and again and again..."

It was just a short chat, which made me think. Where will I go after this? keep gazing around in here, or jump in to the next better level of me? or follow the passion in me? or WHAT? geezee...


  1. hahahaa! surprised while reading this post. :D glad that make you think further then. :) i support everything you do va, just do that with love and clear destination. :) i know you're that 'que sera sera' style~ enjoying things you love is very very great, just add the final goal, too.
    waiting for the next chit chat~

  2. hehe.. Thanks banget lho Len for the great a bit of chatting time :)

    Wish all the great for both of us.. yuuhuuu


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