Friday, February 10, 2012

24 Years Old Already

Been 24 years of miracle already. For this premature born girl who about to died at her very first baby cry. 
@Twitter - Feb 10th, 2012. 08:20 WIB.

Lousy opening? Nope. This was real. I was born as a premature baby girl. 8 months only. With height not longer than a 30 centimeters ruler. I was only ca. 20 cms. And as it's not sad enough, I was very weak and couldn't consumed any supply of nutrition after birth. My mom couldn't breast-feed me because I always threw up every time  i got breast-feed. And so does another liquid or food. So, the doctor decided to had an injection of infuse which contained nutrition, food, etc for me.

Done? Nope. As already mentioned before that I was very weak, my skin tone was too much pale, and I was too small. My dad even often compared me like this "just the same height like a bottle of instant ketchup" OMG.. 
So, not just infuse, but also i had to slept in the incubator for weeks. The whole family keep praying. Because, there's a possibility I would passed away for the inability of food supply.

I was the first child in my family by the way.

And, yes, My mom was actually a bit stressed down while she was pregnant. -- This is a warning Ladies and gentlemen! Never stressed any pregnant woman! The stress a mother carry, will impact the baby directly!

And, for short, for the effort of whole family, and big mercy of God, here I am still breathing the air on my 24th Birthday! :)
I am having a loving family, Bunch of friends around me, a loving boyfriend, graduated with awesome GP, my Job.. Well, you'll never know what would life bring you. Just like Forrest Gump said; life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

Complete Sitompul's Family on My graduation Day. September 2010. - Eva Tarida Blog -
Happy Birthday to me.
Thanks, God :)  

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