Tuesday, April 24, 2012

See The Bless.

So, there came again another day with blackberry activities. Every day if you can say, However, another effect as a blackberry user is that Broadcast Message (BM) attack! :D
Sometimes, the BM can be one which is so meaningful. Can be also an urgent information. Sometimes can also an announcement. One day they can be a some motivational stories, and sometimes could be just annoying "hello" or "Contact Test."  The last one is the most annoying which I will just immediately delete it without even open the message.

Okay, so I have this one friend of mine who looooooveee to share any touching story, motivational story, and stuff like that. Sometimes the BM she sent may be wonderful, sometimes could be just another annoying one or annoying re-post article. However, she can send me BMs 3-4 times a day. I really love to delete her contact if only I don't remember how sweet she is without this blackberry's BM ability!

Then, yesterday, April 23rd, 2012. I was on my routine Theater practice. It was on the break when I checked my handheld out, and another BMs from her came. You know, most of the time, I just delete her message without even open it. Somehow this time, I read it. It was great.

So, I'd love to share it here, of course with some editing here and there due to her autotext here and there. Also, I translate it into English. hehe.. Enjoy it:

Because of the rain that won't stop, I decide to run through it because the night is already very late... After arrive in X town, I'm starving. So I decide to step by in a very small tend-food stall at the roadside along the street. 
In my middle of enjoying Pecel Lele, suddenly one guy come in with his wife and daughter.
What interested is their wheel. They are using a barrow!
Then this guy (the father) orders two (2) plates of rice and a fried chicken for his wife and daughter.

Well.. it was just another scene for me at the first time. But, when I finish my meal, something get through my heart. Fact is, only his wife and daughter who enjoy that meal (2 plates of rice and a fried chicken). And the father, he is watching with lots of love how his wife and daughter eating what he bought for them. Sometimes I see the daughter laughing because she love and very enjoy the fried chicken from her father.

Nothing Can Beat LOVE. Ps: Anyone who knows whom I should give credit for this pict, please contact me. Thanks
 I keep watching that beautiful scene. The father's face, even though he is full of tiredness, a happy smile keep coming on his face. Then I hear he say "Go on and eat until you full, baby. This is your birthday..." My eyes were suddenly warm and almost burst in tears! My heart was touched. A father with all of his limit. With only a barrow to take his beloved family, buy only a fried chicken and two plates of rice from a very small tend-food stall at the roadside as his very gift for his daughter's birthday.

I hardly held my tears from falling down. As soon as I can before this tears fall down, I get up and pay my bill, and also slowly I told the waiter, "Sir, I will pay also for that man's bill. And please give also another fried chicken with tofu and Tempe for them." Right after that, I just go away.

This story I wrote as a time to chill. To remember. Every bless that God already gave to us. The best for us. We also usually eat in such fast food restaurant, expensive restaurant, etc. But for some people around us, even a Pecel Lele from a small tend food stall at the roadside is a luxurious food for them. 
Really, it's not our part to sigh!.

Well.. Another story to smash my heart and mind! I have to once again take a look at myself, and never forget all the bless. To not only sighing and complain, but also remember all the great this that ever done in our life!

Sigh No More...


** PS: Anyone who knows to whom I must give credit about the picture I use on this article, please do let me know, thanks! **

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