Thursday, September 08, 2011

Starlight or Sunshine

Sunshine and Starlight . Source.   Eva Tarida Blog
While Perry Como use "Pocketful of starlight" on his Catch a Falling Star Lyrics,
few years later, we have Natasha Bedingfield with "Pocketful of Sunshine"
These two sky things are important. The Sun for the day, the Stars for the night.
Both song use those two shinny sky things to be put in our pocket to say that these two bright things are another one awesome thing to the one we love. Anyone. Anything. We could use them both or each one of them to brighten our moments.
To be honest, I love Perry Como's better. :)
However, even tough Sun is the Star itself, which one do you love better? Starlight or Sunshine? 
And which one do you prefer to be handed to the ones you love? Pocketful of Starlight, or Pocketful of Sunshine?
Ahh.. God is awesome!

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