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NINE - The Movie

I forgot to make a post of one of my fave movies. NINE. It's a musical movie. However, I always love musical movies - with good story line, good act - 

NINE - Movie Poster  - Eva Tarida Blog
 What makes this movie so special? 
First of all the promise of the Italian atmosphere. That impressed me for sure. Next, the present of Marion Cotillard (Academy Award winning) and Penélope Cruz as a very good teaser!
I was already amazed with how the Guido Contini confusion at the very first beginning of scene. Way he said that his turn to 50 body can not cooperate with his still 10 years old mind. Let me just share you the story. I am not based on the imdb or whatever summaries. I will share the NINE story line from what I already watched :)

NINE; The Women - Eva Tarida Blog

The story focused on Guido Contini ( Daniel Day - Lewis) who is a director of lots of famous show in Italy. His fame fading slowly together with his productivity of directing. Then came on of his good friend, offers him to direct one good show. The one which promoted to be a BIG Bang show in Italy.
There, Guido prepared everything. They even moved out to another city to get the atmosphere. 
However, Guido as a very ambitious and self centered person, find it hard to running his life. A lot of questions keep playing in his mind. Too bad that he make it more complicated by playing with his own life. 
He played with his mistress, Carla (Penélope Cruz) and lied a lot to his beloved - sacrifice Wife, Luisa Contini (Marion Cotillard).
It doesn't stop just that. The complexion larger when good-charming actress keep coming and seducing him, which also got place in his eyes of interest. You name it, Claudia (Nicole Kidman), and Stephanie (Kate Hudson)
In My Opinion, Kate Hudson not really click with this whole exotic movie. She's too America and Pop in this movie. Too bad.
The other hand, also a life of Saraghina (Fergie - BEP), which also has a tough hard life, and she even gain some money from local little 8-10 years old boys who loves to watch her doing the sexy dance on the beach.
Lucky Guido, her Wife, Luisa is all the thing everybody wants. Beautiful, an actress also before she married to Guido and decided to become a full time wife, has a brilliant brain and art-sense. Guido also supported by his loyal assistant, Lili ( Judi Dench ).

Thing become worst, when Guido invites Carla to his shooting area, and then his wife is coming too. Luisa fund out, and decided that this is it. This unhealthy relationship should end.
While Guido, keep begging Luisa for not leaving. But it's too late. Luisa already sacrificed everything and got betrayed by her only love.
The desperado of Guido become worse and worse.
Wanna know more? Just watch this amazing movie.
The sing and dance scenes were among beautiful! The most is when Carla doing sexy teasing dance and sing A Call from Vatican. Boohoo.. Coochie Coochie Coochie Coo.. ;D

Carla (Penelope Cruz) - Eva Tarida Blog
I also capture few dialogues that catch my ears!
even the IMDB memorable quotes agrees with few of my choice :p

1. And it's become a problem when my body's getting 50 and my mind is 10. - Guido
2. You'll be fine! You're a world class liar, Darling! - Lili
3. See, you're playing with me. You're twisting my words. - Carla
4. Be Italian, take a chance, and steal a fire kiss. - Saraghina
5. What do we want? Laughter! What do we want? Dream! Don't ever forget that, mon cher.
6. You're just an appetite! And when you're stop being greedy, you die! - Luisa
7. You take everything and I'm empty! - Luisa
8. Guido: Thank you. Luisa: For what? Guido: Thank you for what I'm looking at. - Guido and Luisa (first meeting)
9. Luisa: Thank you. Guido: What for? Luisa: Thank you for reminding me I'm not special - Luisa and Guido (last meeting)
10. You open your mouth and the lie comes out! ... Why am I surprised?? It's like breathing for you! - Luisa
11. You have a great wife, Signor. She sacrifices! - A man on dinner to Guido
12. Guido Contini, Luisa Contini, number one genius and number one fans. Guido Contini, Luisa Contini, Passionate woman fell in love with this man. - Luisa

Conclusion of Guido's : This man already had the answer, and he needs his wife just like a beating heart. But his lust is just too busy playing around with another women. That's why he can't live.

However, I love the Luisa Contini role here :)


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