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Whitney Houston in "It's Not Right But It's Okay" Video Clip. Image source.
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All my best friends, or those who get real close to me will barely know that I am a Whitney Houston lover.
She's not beautiful yet not that so fashionable IMO. But the time she starts to sing, none of the crowd will move! I believe the crowd will gaze and amazed!
Even Oprah, in her exclusive interview with Whitney, claimed that She's a woman with the voice of national treasure! This episode means a lot to me! I even cried several times knowing how hard Whitney had to got through on her ruined up marriage.

What was Bobby Meant to Whitney? her Drugs, her world.
"He was my drug. I didn't do anything without him. I wasn't getting high by myself. It was me and him together, and we were partners, and that's what my high was — him. He and I being together, and whatever we did, we did it together. No matter what, we did it together." (source)

Those one time when Whitney said that she even sacrificed her glory of fame (she dim her light) so that her bad-ass ex husband Bobby Brown could light up more and got no jealous of her! SIGH! 
This one sentence I remember when Whitney told the crowd "I'm Mrs. Brown everybody. Don't call me Ms. Houston." Hooow Lovely attitude that got none of a bit appreciate from that ex-Hubby!
Whitney, the woman with all those glory she had, was already gave up all for her beloved ones, Bobby, who never appreciate it at all.

A bit conversation when Bobby slapped Whitney during the probation which made her had to put him in jail:
Whitney: Yeah, you can't slap somebody when you're on probation. You're in violation then. So it went to domestic violence court, and I just could not see me putting him in jail.
Oprah: So were you always appearing and making those court appearances because you felt you had to stand by your man?
Whitney: I had to. Yeah, I'm his wife.  
Oprah: You know what I get now that I didn't get then as just an observer in the world? ... What I now get is that you took those vows seriously. 
Whitney: Very, Oprah. To my heart. (source)

For Whitney, Marriage vow is EVERYTHING. That's why she was doing all the best she could to be Bobby's best wife. Speechless.....

What was very great is that even tho in such darkness time, Whitney still realized she needed to find light from God! So, she never stops to read the bible... No matter how high she was, or how sober she was.. She knew that the God is there, all she needed to do was come back to the light again. Amazingly awesome. 

Then came her Mommy and said  'I'm not losing you to the world. I'm not losing you to Satan. I want my daughter back. I want you back. I want to see that glow in your eyes. That light in your eyes. I want to see the child I raised. And you weren't raised like this. And I'm not having it. So you make a choice, and you make it here today because I have a court injunction that says you have to go." 

That's the 2 points I love.
1. The ability to still realizing God and
2. Support from the very best person!

So, I present you now one of my Whitney's fave song. I know this one is made before her downfall moment - It was recorded on 1995-, but, it's great for us to always remember. The music produced by Babyface and the Music Video directed by Forest Whitaker. Wow, you name it!

Exhale (Shoop Shoop) - Whitney Houston --- Producer: Babyface 
Everyone falls, in love sometimes Sometimes it's wrong, and sometimes it's right For every win, someone must fail But there comes a point when... When we exhale, yeah yeah 
Say, shoop, shoop, shoop... 
All you gotta do is say shoop, shoop, shoop... My Lord now, shoop, shoop... 
(*) Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry Life never tells us, the whens and whys When you've got friends, to wish you well You'll find a point when, you will exhale 
Yeah, yeah 
Say, shoop, shoop, shoop.. Say shoobedoo... 
Oh, hearts are often broken 
When there are words unspoken In your soul there's, answers to your prayers If you're searching for, a place you know A familiar face, somewhere to go You should look inside your soul And you're half way there (repeat *)
I say shoop, shoop... Feels all right, you can say shoop... 

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