Friday, November 11, 2011

Revealing After a Bad - Ass Fall

I write this in a condition of revealing after a bad-ass fall.
Everybody will at least once, fall apart. It's our own duty to stand up again and keep walking, or even running.
What do we need after the disaster fall is not much but a fully-support.
A fully support here is a support which contains:
1. Understanding
2. Forgiveness
3. Willing to fix - up
4. Real act to support to get a  better condition
5. Focus all along to the solution instead of the problem.

There 5 above are what we need from other side's. While from our self, we need nothing but a strong will and a real act to be better!
I'm happy that my beloved one are here to do those fully - support act for me :)

Here is for everybody to share.

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